Haven’t I seen this before?

I was supposed to go to a movie tonight with my buddy, Tim, but that fell through so I went and picked something up to eat from Arby’s and just cruised around Golden Valley and tried to find some spots I hadn’t explored yet.

Really…what’s the point?

Another weekend in paradise…

It’s goddamn hot down here. Friday night Heather and I hung out in my apartment and ate some cheescake that we picked up from the Cheesecake Factory. I’m not usually a big fan of cheesecake, but when you have something called “Peanut butter chocolate cookie dough cheesecake” how can I resist?

It was pretty good stuff, and the best part was Heather forgot what was left of her piece here when she left today…snatched that little bad boy up with no mercy.

Saturday was the 2nd annual Utsch Summer Pontoon party. Went last year and it was a blast and this year was even better. I was, once again, a designated pontoon driver. This year we had 3 instead of 2 and basically we drove around Lake Waconia and just anchored for a while and tied them all together so it was like a big party boat. The water was beautiful and we even swam into the island where Heather tried out the rope swing without killing herself, which really suprised me, given her penchant for self-injury. We explored the island a bit which was used as a hideout/beer joint during the 20’s and 30’s when alcohol was outlawed in the U.S. Waconia was the last stop on the railroad and they setup a hotel and bar out on the island so they could have time to stash and hide everything when they saw the law coming over the lake. Everything’s collapsing and ruined now, but still kinda cool to see.

So the basic process was cruise, anchor, swim…did it a bunch of times and we were on the water for a long time. No pictures, didn’t want to bring the phone out on the lake to lose it.

Slept in today for a bit and sent Heather on her way home, never a fun task. Afterwords just chilled in my apartment with the air cranked way up. Gonna hit a 102 tomorrow supposedly. Gotta love the desk job now.

In some other news, my friend Ben apparently had another transplant this weekend, best of luck to him and hopefully I can find the hospital he’s at down here and swing by and say hi.

Like I said, no pictures of the lake but I did make this beautiful pie for the BBQ before the pontoon ride.

oreo pie.jpg

Also, I suppose it’s only fair, but a fellow schoolmate from MSUM, Ryan, started up his own blog and has linked to mine, so I’ll return the favor… He’ll be starting at Magenic on Tuesday and his official title will be, “Nick’s Assistant”. Check it out at http://ryanrust.net/wordpress

Random Pictures…

Heather hard at work studying for her EMT tests…way to go!


Me and my Judo and Jujustu instructors after receiving my black belt in jujutsu back in May.

Nick Olson – Professional Martial Arts Instructor?

My tae kwon do instructor from MSUM sent me an email today asking how things were going. Also had an interesting proposition for me. The master instructor that has a gym just outside St. Paul has left our organization. I actually just went to the school last Thursday, before I knew this was official. I’ve still been struggling with were to train, and there are four options.

  • Train with the instructor that left the organization, 20 minutes away
  • Train in Cokato, an hour away
  • Train in Hutchinson, an hour and a half away.
  • Leave the organization

The Cokato school is new to the organization, and could probably use some support, but and hour drive with $3 gas is kinda expensive, so that rules out Hutchinson on a regular basis. I don’t really want to leave the organization either.

All that being said, it would be great to have a Northwest school close to me, and I’d do my best to help out. The problem is that I’m still getting set up down here and like I told Master Dan until I feel settled in I want as little financial responsibility as possible and running a gym can be kind of big. There would be two other black belts going in with me as well, one of them with a lot of business experience. However, I would be more than willing to do what my friend Tim did in Hutchinson, teach for free to until he’s bought the gym, it’s now his and it didn’t take that long either. Of course, this wouldn’t be for the entire gym. But I could teach until I had “paid” my debt. So I could teach/train for free which is what I was already doing and eventually even make some money off the deal. Which would be very cool…

What to do?

Photos from the Weekend


The car with my desk on top, notice the lovely twine work.


The inside of the rat’s nest…


Heather and I outside famous Dave’


The new computer desk….pretty snazzy, eh?

Crazy Weekend…

Had a great, crazy weekend. Where to start.

Well, I’ve been working longer hours this week so I could head out a few hours early Friday. Heather got down Thursday night and then I worked until 2:30 Friday and then busted loose. This is when the fun begins.

Friday: After work we hung out in my apartment for a bit while I chewed her out for trying to clean up. I pay a lot of money to live in a messy apartment and she totally ruined my style.

After that we took off to the Mall of America, but ended up by the Metrodome…wrong direction, and bad directions from a nameless source… When we made it the mall we mostly strolled around, bought a little chocolate from the shop there and ate at Famous Dave’s in the mall. Didn’t really buy anything, Heather picked up a board game and I bought a little plant for my apartment. We walked around and did a lot of window shopping but eventually I was beat and we headed home for the night. We just relaxed for a while and then crashed.

Saturday: Today was the day of the company picnic. We slept in late and got up and had a little breakfast and then took off. The picnic was at the CEO’s house on Christmas Lake. It’s a nice little lake just west of the cities. We parked in a nearby church and they had people in golf carts waiting to drive us the couple blocks to his house. There was a climbing wall there and all sorts of blow up carnival games. They had a TON of free food, including all the mini donuts and sno-cones you could eat. There was some sand art things there too, so Heather just had to try that out. I think all the work she does with kids has affected her brain a bit, because she seemed to enjoy it more than some of the kids there. 🙂 There were also jetskis, a boat, and a pontoon there. We took out a jetski and Heather was driving. She said she wouldn’t tip us………but she did. Was kind of embarrassing too because the boat was right out there and I had trouble getting back on. It was a smaller jetski so when I tried to pull myself up I would swamp it, but we managed to get aboard and I assumed the driving position. We got back to land and just layed down by the beach and dried off. Eventually, we made our way back to the climbing tower because we had a bet to see who could reach the top first, but the harness wouldn’t fit on me. So Heather climbed to the top herself. It was a pretty nice afternoon. Heather had to take the jetski out one more time and but I had learned my lesson about her and stayed on shore.

After the party we made our way back to the Mall of America, but this time we went to IKEA because I wanted to spend a little of my paycheck and get my apartment a little more in order. Being a girlfriend, Heather loved the idea of spending some of my money and I picked up a little TV stand, coffee table, and new computer desk because my old one almost fell apart the other day. I can’t even type on it without it wobbling big time back and forth. I’m going to have to revisit that store again sometime, some pretty good deals and the stuff is a lot sturdier and easier to assemble than the stuff I picked up at Walmart or Target.

The problem is that when we got to my car, we realized one of the boxes for the computer stand was too big for my car so we took some of the twine they have handy and I used my super-secret Boy Scout knot knowledge to tie that sucker to the roof, it wasn’t going anywhere.

After some supper we started down to construction and got the TV stand and coffee table put together in no time. It was when we opened the computer desk that we found there were no instructions in the box. We left that one for the night and figured we could get ahold of IKEA and some instructions tomorrow.

Sunday: Woke up and tried calling IKEA with no luck, probably spent a total of 2 hours on hold waiting for a customer service rep. In between all of that I made Heather some chocolate chip pancakes for brunch and we met up with Brouse and Marisa to go to the Science Museum. After the parking headache we got the museum and it was pretty cool. There is way too much to do there in one day and we had to rush through because we went for a specific event, Body Worlds. We’ll have to go back again sometime and catch the rest of it.

Body Worlds is where people have donated their bodies and they are skinned and coated all the water and blood is replaced with plastic so you can see everything like it’s fresh. It’s not as disturbing as you think, but I didn’t find it all that interesting either…although Heather loved it. We left the museum and ate at supposedly the best pizza place in the Twin Cities…not too bad.

Brouse and Marisa headed home and Heather and I did our best to tackle the computer desk with no instructions. It actually turned out just fine, though a bit longer because we had to take a break to bake cookies in between.

We crashed last night and I headed back to the grind today. Didn’t get much done because I’m waiting on some things from the guys in Chicago. After work, Heather took off on her drive home and I rearranged some things and started writing this.