I’m sore…

Another weekend that flew by way, way too fast.

Got into Moorhead Friday night and went to Dan’s house. Heather and Ethan, Dan’s son, were there as well. Ethan and I had an epic sword fight and he managed get a few good whacks in on Heather as well.

After we left Dan’s house we went to Heather’s apartment where we met up with Brouse and Marisa and headed over to Kroll’s for some late night supper. A peanut butter & brownie shake always hits the spot. Then we went back to apartment where we all had a slumber party and spent the night. It was like some weird version of Friends where I was Joey and Heather was Chandler, Brouse was Phoebe and Marisa was somebody too…I’ve never actually watched friends…I just know they live in an apartment.

Saturday morning I talked Heather into going to Quizno’s so I could get my new favorite food. Then we headed over the gym were I did some serious stretching. Then Black Belt class started and I actually felt pretty good. I led the warmups and stayed pretty loose during the class. I only wanted to die once. We covered some interesting stuff and somewhere along the way Heather managed to almost kill herself again… she fell wrong or something and strained her neck. Doing alright now, though. I also got to show one of the master instructors why tae kwon do people should stick to kicking and punching. He tried talking about different groundfighting techniques and Master Roy had me get on top of him on the ground and have him “show” his ideas. It ended up with him puffing and huffing and me just chilling on top of him. I think that’s when Roy told him I was a black belt in Jujutsu as well.

After class we ate out at the Jade Dragon. Then Tim, Heather, and I went to see Beerfest at the movie theater. It was pretty good. At least Tim and I had some good laughs.

When the movie was done we went back to the apartment and all of us headed over to Kroll’s again for some more food. Cause Chinese just doesn’t cut it for me. Then we went and passed out.

This morning we got up and had some food and I fixed Heather’s router so she could have internet access. Then we went over to Dan’s house to watch him shingle. I finally took off around 4. Another fun drive home.

I got back and my muscles were not happy. I’m pretty stiff from the workout and the long drive.

It’s kind weird. MSUM started classes on Thursday and tomorrow is the first day of class for Tae Kwon Do at MSUM. This is the first time in 4 years I won’t be there on the first day of TKD. Kind of bummed about it. Oh well. Alright I’m gonna go, later.

Pictures of the weekend here.


Cut a bunch more wood today over lunch.

Screwed up on one board and I’ll have to recut it.

Another Exciting Weekend

Oh man where to start.

I haven’t written anything in a while…but don’t worry, cause I have plenty to make up with.

Heather came down Wednesday night and we hung out. Did a bit of grocery shopping because I didn’t have any food at all. Thursday we went to my friend Tim’s gym in Hutchinson and did some TKD. It’s always good to see Tim and the gang and we had a pretty good workout. In between me working everyday, Heather had plenty of time to enjoy my digital cable. After I was done working Friday we went up to this big outdoor shopping center of I-94. It was huge. We spent a few hours there, came back to my place and just relaxed before the big day Saturday.

Saturday came and when my family got here I had a little suprise for them. We were going to a Twins game but nobody was wearing the appropriate dress. Luckily, I bought everybody a Twins t-shirt so we could all look the part as well. Originally, it was going to be just Aaron and Carley, but I decided all seven of us would get one. We parked downtown and ended up riding the lightrail to the metrodome. The game was a lot of fun. Although buying food there wasn’t. Duwayne, Brian, Aaron, and Carley all learned about my deadly accuracy with a spit ball. Twins lost it, but I’m not entirely sure there was a game. I didn’t pay much attention. After the game, we got to my dad’s favorite part. Walking through enormous crowds of people! We decided not to try the light rail on the way back. It was about an eight block trek back to our parking ramp and we loved every minute of it.

After the game we drove to the grocery store to pick up some food. Needless to say that when you live alone you really don’t stock things to handle seven people. After some really late supper I blew up the queen size air mattress with my mouth so DuWayne could sleep on it. I gots some lungs, baby.

Sunday morning came along with the smell of bacon. My mom got up early and cooked us all some great breakfast. We all ate up and with DuWayne refusing to brush his teeth we headed out to the Mall of America and IKEA. We didn’t last long at IKEA, although Heather picked up a bookcase and a little lamp. I’m sure I’m gonna have to go back with her…cause she was rushed…

Then we walked around the mall for a while did a little store hopping. I don’t think anybody got anything of consequence and after we all got bored we took off. Although, Brian, Aaron, Carley, Heather, and I all did the NASCAR simulator thing. It was really cramped and it made me feel sick to my stomach. I got out and thought I was going to puke for the next 4 hours. Eventually, we all left, but not until Heather and I scored some Dippin’ Dots. We all piled back into the van and came back to the apartment so everyone could get there stuff. Everybody but Heather headed out then. She stuck around for a little while and then she had to run out too. I went and did a bit of shopping to restock some supplies that everyone had used up. Then I came back and finally got started on my arcade machine. I cut out the top of the control panel and drilled all the holes for it. Feels good to get started I’m pretty excited. Finally lost all motiviation for the day and started writing this and trying to catch everybody up. Although most of the people that read this were here this weekend anyways. Might snack on something here shortly and then probably get ready for work again tomorrow.

The apartment feels kinda empty now, actually. Never felt it before, but after you’ve had 7 people crammed in here for the last couple days when there’s only one it seems a lot more spacious. It was a lot of fun having everybody down for the weekend. Although I’d never admit it to their faces, I do miss them and it was good to get everbody together again. That’s becoming rarer and rarer unfortunately.

Well I’ve got a busy month ahead of me. Next weekend is black belt class back up north so I get to go work out again with all the old crew and maybe talk to Master Roy about that school down here. The weekend after that is the state fair and I might go check that out with Heather and company. Then the next weekend Heather’s parents are taking me out to a baseball game. Finally, the weekend after that I’m taking Aaron, Brian, and DuWayne out to a Vikings game. And squished somewhere in there Heather has a birthday and turns 22 so I’ll have to figure out something to do for her after the awesome present she gave me for my birthday.

As always, more picture-y goodness of the weekend here.

And the progress on the arcade machine here.

Nick vs. Rocky: fight of the century.

There’s a guy at Magenic named Rocky Lhotka. He’s one of the top dudes and is pretty famous and has written ton’s of books and articles. Evidently I look just like him. After hearing enough about it he came over and chatted with me about it on Friday.

You be the judge.
nick v rocky small.jpgArticleImage-aspx.jpg

I should mention that it’s more than just facial. When I stood up to shake his hand I was staring him straight in the eye. He’s a good 6’4″ to 6’5″. I guess I can see where people get the idea.