Another Wedding Weekend

Had another wedding to go to this weekend. My cousin Jess got married. So I rolled back up on Friday night and caught the last part of Heather’s TKD test. She did pretty good but she missed her break so she’s gotta retest. No big deal, it was a really hard break.

We got back to the apartment and Brouse was just rolling up too. So we all sat around for a while before we realized it was 1:30 a.m. Then we all went to bed and Heather and I slept in. And she suprised me with cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Delicious. We sat around in the morning and then made our way out into the world to do a bit of shopping. Heather picked up a sweater and I scoped out TVs at a pawn shop. We finally headed to Ada for the wedding.

Wedding was good, reception was good. But, I asked Heather to dance THREE times and she said “No”. So I still get credit. Because I offered. We finally did a slow dance and then headed out. I swiped a TV from home before we left and Heather left her coat there. So we got back Saturday night and we all went to Kroll’s for a shake. Then we went to bed. We slept in again. After some lunch Heather and I went to a movie. We watched Jackass 2. I about wanted to puke a couple times. It was great! I highly recommend it. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. After the movie we went back to her apartment and played some SkipBo and made oreo cookie towers before I came back to my apartment.

Pictures from the weekend here, oreo’s here, Ben here.

He takes after his big brother…

Just wanted to let everyone know that Aaron scored all four touchdowns in their 28-0 win the other day. He also picked up a couple two point conversions as well. Nice to know he was paying attention to how I used to do things.

Defense! Defense!

Another busy weekend as predicted.

Friday my parents arrived and set up shop in the living room. They got here kind of late friday so there wasn’t much but sitting around and BSing. Saturday morning once we were all up I went and showed everyone the hot tub and workout room.

Originally, there was talk of Valleyfair, but for some reasong that never happened. Instead we went to the shopping center up north. We also stopped a classic car museum DuWayne wanted to check out. It was pretty cool. Aaron wanted his picture in front of pretty much every car there. A pretty uneventful day of walking around and not buying anything for me. We came home and had spaghetti. Nothing else happened Saturday night either.

Sunday I got dragged out of bed for the Vikings game. It was fun, except for the drunk people behind us. A fight broke out a little below us as well. Vikings won, which was cool. Stadium was packed, like 63,000 people. That’s a lot of people. After we made it out of the stadium and back to my apartment we had some quick supper and everyone took off.

Pictures of the Vikes game here, and the classic cars (and Aaron) here.


Was gonna make some cookies for my family and myself so there’d be fresh cookies when they got here (if I didn’t eat them all first)

Getting closer…

The cabinet has been disassembled and staining is under way. I’ve also moved the main body into the “game” room. There are about four pieces plus the main sides to stain left. Then it’s wiring the controls and reassembling.

I’ve also decided that because I need some way of powering this thing I’m going to buy a new computer for myself and retire my old one. It’s starting to get up there in years and it’s time to upgrade. So I’ll retire my current box to the arcade. This will be a lot more economical in the long run. Rather than buying another junk computer to power the arcade and another new computer sometime in the short future. So I’ll probably order it within in the next week or so once I can spec out a machine and then I’ll need to keep my eyes out for a cheap 25” tv for the monitor…and I’m done. So close I can taste it.

Another Big Nick Creation

I’ve finally gone live with another site. It’s MSUM TKD’s webpage and I’ve been redesigning it for a while. It’s back online now and better than ever, with more content to be added as time goes on.

Heather suprised me again tonight, by showing up again unexpectedly for the weekend. It’s a suprise that is always appreciated. There was a knock at the door and when I went to open it somebody was covering up the peephole, I got a bit suspicios and opened the door carefully, to be confronted with a scary little 5′ 5″ cute girl. Luckily, I had been cleaning all night so my apartment was even presentable.

Got a Twins game to see this weekend and going to watch Brouse’s strongman competition as well. Should be pretty interesting.