Trick or Treat!

Hey everybody, back with the usual weekend update.

Heather came down Thursday night because she didn’t have to work Friday.


Finally got TV – out working my old computer…and I just finished playing some arcade games!

Is this a job?

Today at work we got our ping pong table in. It was great fun. It was also the boss’s birthday so there was plenty of DQ ice cream cake and table tennis for all. I’ll get some pictures up later…Check back tonight for pics…

Well I didn’t expect to see that…

Today I finished up with my project at work, start a new one monday. No rest for the wicked.

But tonight as I was driving to get some food, in the middle of a neighborhood, 5 minutes from downtown Minneapolis, a deer walked across the road in front of me. Not sure who was more suprised, me or the deer. Short post, but I’m alone all weekend so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to write stuff and get pictures online.