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Let’s see, it’s been a few days since I’ve written anything. Sorry about that. When I started this the idea was to write at least a few times a week. I think I’ve been doing good so far.

Anyways, Monday my parents came into town to stay at my joint before they went to Rochester. I surprised them with a homemade apple pie. Otherwise I spent the rest of the week studying for my test for work.

Heather tried lying to me on Wednesday night by saying she was in bed, but she was actually driving down to see me. I saw right through her though. She got down here late on Wednesday night. I stayed up just long enough to say hi and goodnight to her. Thursday we went to Tim’s gym and I taught some jujutsu to the tae kwon do people. They enjoyed it and Tim and I thought it would be fun to do it the first Thursday of each month. So that should be a reoccurring event.

Friday we sat around the house for a bit after work and then went to Barnes and Noble so I could study some more.

Saturday I woke up early and got ready to go take my test. Got there a bit early and they let me start early. I needed a 700/1000 to pass and I squeaked by with a 771. Passing is passing and I was pretty happy. Then I had the great…pleasure.. of meeting Heather’s dad. He just moved to Eden Prairie and now lives about 15 minutes away from me. We went bowling where Heather embarrassed herself by dancing to the Backstreet Boys while trying to throw her ball down the lane. She actually won the first game but lost it all the second time. Then we all went out to eat at a nice restaurant called the Red Stone. I had some sea bass and Heather had the baby back ribs. Then…dessert. We ordered the chocolate cake and the chocolate chip cookie sundae. My god, it was delicious. The cookie sundae was a bunch of cookie dough in the bottom of a skillet with ice cream on top. Pretty sure I have a new favorite restaurant. Then we went to hang out with Tim for a few hours.

Sunday, we got up and made a big breakfast and watched TV. Then we went to see Borat with Tim and Nikki. Came back and Heather grabbed her stuff and ran to avoid some bad weather. I started writing this and cleaning up my place after the Heather tornado that destroys it every weekend. 🙂 Now, I’m just relaxing and thinking what I want for some supper. See everybody on Thanksgiving.

Pics will be up later.

Update: Pictures are now up from the last week or so

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    Mother was not dumpster diving! I was picking up the coupons that didn’t hit the basket the first time.

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