Another good one in the books…

Had another good weekend this last couple days.

Heather came down Friday and we hooked up with a bunch of people from work and hung out for a while. Played some pool, this and that. Afterwards we rented a couple videos and took it easy.

Saturday, we were going to help Tim with the gym in Waterville but neither of us were feeling that great in the morning. We finally came to life around noon and decided we needed to leave the apartment. Luckily, we had just the excuse. Some old friends from judo up north were in St. Paul competing in a tournament. So we went and watched them. They did really good…right until they lost. Oh well. It was fun. They kept hassling me to put on gi and sign up…but I wasn’t feeling up to it. There’s one in March…who knows? Saturday night we watched the X-games on TV because of Heather 🙂 and then we watched one of our movies.
Sunday we finished off the other movie and she finished packing up and took off this afternoon. I’ve done a bit of cleaning since…made some supper. Nothing too exciting. Back to work tomorrow so I’m going to spend the rest of the night relaxing.

Some new pictures as well…go to the photo gallery and click on recent to check them out.


Man, I haven’t posted since last year! Hilarious…

Anyways…so where was I?

So last Friday, Heather came down and we went grocery shopping. I made an apple pie with my new apple peeler, it was so much frickin’ easier. Saturday we made some dinner and sat around. Nothing much happened.

Then on Sunday we were excited to go to Tim’s for New Year’s, but it looked like our plans were to be foiled by the weather. The Twin Cities got pretty dumped on. We didn’t think we were gonna make it out, so we rented some movies and planned for a quiet night in. Luckily, it cleared up and the roads weren’t too bad, so we got to Tim’s around 9:30 or so. It was pretty fun, we played some cards, and watched the ball drop.

When the ball dropped I totally gave Heather a big smacker right on the lips, because, not only was it a new year, but it also marked the face we’d been dating for one year. It was pretty cool. We made our way back to Golden Valley shortly after, to avoid idiot drunks and bad roads. We got back to my apartment and crashed.

Monday, we watched all the movies we had rented and took it easy. Finally, about 9 o’clock we decided we didn’t want to sit in the house all day on our anniversary. So we got all spiffed up. I even wore a shirt and tie and we went to Redstone, an upscale restaurant for dessert. From dessert, we headed to White Castle for the main course. It was my first, and probably last, visit to the esteemed dining establishment known as White Castle. They completely screwed up our order and the night employees were creepy. So we came back to the apartment and chatted for a bit, before I went to bed because I had to work tomorrow.