New Home!

We’ve officially moved!

Some stuff will be broken for a while…the picture gallery in particular, but other stuff as well. If you come across something that’s broken, please take the time to send me an email.

Changes Update

I have a new hosting account and this site will be moving to permatently soon. Please update your bookmarks.

Changes are a coming…

Just a quick note, this site will be moving shortly… The address has redirected to this site for a few months now. Well within the next few weeks it will no longer direct and will become the permanent home for this blog. This site, will no longer work, so make sure you update bookmarks and that crap so you can keep up on my exciting, hip life.

In other news, Heather has been blogging again…mostly about how great of a guy I am. On the weight loss side, I’m down ten pound so far and still dropping.

Last weekend, Heather came down late Thursday night because she didn’t have school on Friday. Friday, she sat on her butt while I worked my ass off all day long…Friday night we ran to Old Navy because she had some gift certificates to use up.

Saturday morning we got up early and grabbed a bite to eat. We met Tim in Chaska and rode together to Waterville to help out at his TKD school. His sister took us out to eat after class and it was a bunch of fun. Except for it was cold as heck and I didn’t fully wake up until we were driving back. When we got back, Heather and I took a nap and didn’t wake up until 5. Then we slowly came to life and went shoe shopping. I bought a new pair of workout shoes and Heather got some girly-schmirly stuff. We came back and I cooked some salmon while she ate some shrimp.

Sunday we slept in late, and when we woke up we ate some food and I helped Heather pack up so she could get on the road. I didn’t do much…had the superbowl on in the background but didn’t really watch it.

Today, I’m back at work, things are going pretty good…busy though, this weekend I’m heading up to Fargo to hang out with Heather and workout. It’s time for kangeiko, which is the winter training festival in Japanese martial arts. So we get together and workout from 9-5 on Saturday and then go out for some food and socializing afterwards…should be a lot of fun.