Me too, me too!

That’s right, boys and girls I can post here too. The only thing I have to add at this point is that Heather really underemphasized how good my new pants make my butt look. They’re glorious.


Last weekend there was nothing to do! It was wonderful. No TKD tournaments or black belt classes. Nothing, just a free schedule. So, Nick and I went shopping. I had to bring some stuff back to Old Navy so Nick wandered around while I was doing so. When I went to look for him he had a couple pairs of jeans with him and he looked excited. He was insistent about trying on clothes, which is a new one. We HAD to try on multiple pairs of jeans and tops. Nick got a couple pairs of jeans and a couple shirts and is very excited that he got a pair for $20. After that we headed over to a men’s store and Nick tried on a suit. Apparently, as I was told, I should have never seen him in a suit because now I know how hot he looks in one… We will leave that one alone… From there we headed over to Clay Your Way. We only had a little bit of time and I couldn’t make up my mind to do anything and Nick always feels overwhelmed with what to do so we instead went home. That night my parents took us out for ribs and we came home to watch a movie. Catch and Release…don’t watch it because it will only make you frustrated that there is no point.

Sunday Nick and I met my parents and Curt’s mom for breakfast at Village Inn. After we finished our wonderful french toast we headed to the mall. Nick scored some excellent deals on the Veterans Day sale; he got a nice sweater and some flannels. The boy has an obsession with flannels. Don’t know how I feel about that… I tried looking for dresses for Nick’s company party and the Extravaganza but I didn’t like anything. When we got home my mom was making lefse so we had a couple pieces fresh off the griddle. Finally, Nick had to leave and make the trek back to the Valley that is Golden. When he left, I did “homework”.

Fuzzy Hats