…my feet are cold.

Chillin’ in the basement of my parent’s house right now. I forgot how cold it would get down here in the winter. Heather and I drove back from the cities yesterday. Roads were not too good but we made it back safe after about 5 hours on the road. We stretched our legs a bit and relaxed. After a while we got stuck with cookie duty and I tried to teach my formidable cookie flipping skills to Heather, but she has much to learn.

After that Heather was noodling on Guitar Hero for a bit before we eventually met up with Susie, Nomi, and Brouse at Fryin’ pan. After taking good advantage of the unlimited hot chocolate Brouse, Heather, and I came back to Heather’s house and we all ended up playing Guitar Hero until about 2 in the morning. It was a pretty fun time. It felt almost like being back in college again.

This morning I ended up sleeping in. After I got up I hung out with Heather for a little bit and tried to show her how to wrap presents but she disagreed with my style. So I gathered up my presents and continued onto Ada. I’ve been relaxing and preparing for the onslaught of human contact over the next week. I’ll be bouncing between Moorhead and Ada making sure all the appropriate presents have been correctly opened.

Have a happy holiday, all!*

*This post brought to you by Nick’s new labtob.

Don't worry, they fixed the fence!

Update from Heather’s mini vacation. I got to Golden Valley late Tuesday night and slept in yesterday. It was very nice not to have to get up at 6. I bummed around the apartment until Nick got home and then I watched him do TKD. That night, we watched some T.V. and hit the sack. Today, I got up early, around 9, and headed out to Buck Hill. They have an early bird special from 10 to 1 for $10. So I hit the slopes and tore it down. My first run I headed up Nick’s classic swish-swish-swish-jump-jump run and got bored. Sorry Nick. So then I headed to the diamonds. Santa was working the lift, honestly, and he made my day. Santa gave me a root-beer barrel and I made sure to re-visit him all day long and try to get the lucky chair (it had jingle bells hooked to the back). Ha! And don’t worry troubled hearts, I asked about the tragic fence incident and was informed that the poor victim went under the knife and was repaired two days ago. Good to hear. Well, not much more to say.

You're only stronger because you're bigger…

So Heather is down here on “vacation” for the next couple days. She’s all done with finals and school for a few weeks and she says that she needs a break. I sure wish I could just jet off into the sunset and relax.

Today was evidently “Lazy Day” on the vacation itinerary. She didn’t haul her butt out of bed until I got home for lunch. The best part of the whole deal is that I’ve created a new game to get her motivated. I’ve declared that once your feet touch the ground you have to get up. This works quite well because Heather is 5’5″ and I’m 6’5″. I also outweigh her by at least 150 pounds. So it’s not really a fair fight, so far Heather has gotten up every time we’ve played the game.

So we’re taking it easy during the week and probably heading back Friday night or Saturday morning. There we will be bouncing from Ada to Moorhead to make sure we hit all the high points and don’t miss out on any presents.

Heather also has snowboarding on her mind. It sounds like she’ll be hitting the slopes tomorrow morning while I slave away at the office.

In not such great news, an old friend from high school, Amanda, is now working on her tan at the lovely sand beaches in Iraq. I wish her the best of luck and to get home safe, and it sounds like she’ll have internet access while she is working there so she’ll probably be even more responsive than usual!

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas, not sure how much I’ll be blogging over the holidays but who, knows, I have a new labtop so I’ll might pop up from time to time. I’ve even been able to keep Heather blogging by pestering her a bunch about it. Good night, all.

Another day, another dollar

Not much to report other than what she’s already added.  I had a good time laying into Mr. Jerry from Alexandria.  It was a fun class but I think Heather might disagree.  We had a pretty fun weekend, bowling and ping pong, whooping up on people.

Got back Sunday night and straightened up a bit and did some laundry before cashing in for the night.  Today was a pretty boring day at work, nothing new to report there.  Kinda moving down into holiday mode before Friday.  I ended up going to Ryan’s after working out today to catch the last half of the Vikings game that they somehow screwed up into winning.  After the game I got back to the apartment and got some more stuff ready for tomorrow.  Heather will be in town tomorrow for a mini-vacation before Christmas.

Until next time…

Induction ceremony and black belt weekend extrodinare.

First, let’s rewind to last week. I started finals and well, that is wonderful… On a bright side, I was inducted into Lambda Pi Eta (or as Curt would say, Lefse Pi Uff Da) honor society on Thursday. It was a fun time had by all and my mom was sure to take lots of pictures to embarrass me, under the guise of pictures for Nick. The Mayor and First Lady even came and shared in the celebration. I got a lapel pin and a certificate and will get cords for graduation when I come back next spring. Here are the pictures from the ceremony:{wp-gallery-remote: gallery=0; rootalbum=271; showalbumtitle=true; showimagesheader=true;}

This weekend, oh I can still remember the pain. Before Nick got to town on Friday, I went with James and Kristen to a comedy show at MSUM. It was really good and ended with a guy, I actually played softball with him this summer, barring all! Yeah, completely. I guess the sign that warned “ADULT COMEDY IN TONIGHTS SHOW” really was there for a reason. Nick arrived in town slightly after, guided by GPS. We met Brouse and Marisa for some hot cocoa at Village Inn and some pleasant conversation.

Saturday was the big black belt winter test. Nick and I went to watch and assist in holding, obviously Nick held for board breaks and I held for hand techniques, a dummy in the four people the youth had to run jump side kick over, and some random board breaks. Fun was had by all until black belt class after the test. Ouch. That pretty much says it all. It is always fun to see Master Roy pound on people and it was no different on Saturday. The new black belt techniques that we are doing must be thought of for the entire idea of pain. You have to hurt your partner to do it right. Whether that be jump back kicks, jump knees or roundhouses to the back of the thigh. I got a couple of jump back kicks to my sternum and I am still very sore and tender from that. Nick had a grand old time kicking people hard and making them double over. After, we went home to take a shower and then went out for Chinese. We did a little Christmas shopping before meeting Tim, Megan, Kendra and Jeremy for some hot bowling action. After they kicked us out for being completely awesome, we moved the party over to the union for some sweat pouring ping pong action. It was intense. On our way home, Nick and I saw a deer. I turned the car around and began stalking them. Nick made deer noises and they didn’t move much. Once they got a look at his face though, I’ve never seen anything move so fast!

Sunday was lazy and we didn’t do much. Nick packed up and came to the library with me where I was meeting my group for my last final. Tim picked him up from there and they stopped by Dans’ house. Ethan was helping put up the tree and asked if the wonderfully awesome Heather was there when he saw Nick. Well, I shattered his dreams when he found out that I was not. I’m sorry E! The posse then headed off into the sunshine.

No more!

This weekend, Nick and I made cookies. It was a lot of fun and more fun to eat them. I bought a kit to make Christmas cookies at the grocery store on Saturday morning. It said it had the dough rolled out and 2 packets of icing included. The image on the front had pictures of stars, trees and stockings so I ASSUMED that there were cookie cutters inside or they were pre-cut. Oh how I was wrong! Well, Nick does not have any cookie cutters and decided to be boring and make circle cookies with a water glass. I, being the creative one, decided to make actual Christmas cookies and preceded to make my own designs by carving them out with a butter knife. In the end, because I took that extra step of love, mine were so much better and tasted wonderful! If you want to see the creations we made, go here:{wp-gallery-remote: gallery=0; rootalbum=227; showalbumtitle=true; showimagesheader=true;}

This week is not cool at all. Currently, I am sitting in the computer lab on campus. I have been here since 9 this morning working on a a take-home final. For one of the questions, you have to describe three views of rhetoric as epistemological and identify theorists in these areas. What is rhetoric as epistemological you say? Well, I am not sure either! Supposedly, it basically means knowledge. But that is up to your discretion because everything is viewed as you see it. Wait, that doesn’t make sense. We just learned all semester about different theories to examine artifacts on, yet everything we learned is up to interpretation. So exactly what did I learn? How to skew the truth!

GEE PEE ESS, locate my presents…

So every year Magenic likes to give all its employees a little tech gift and this year we all got the Garmin nuvi 660 GPS units. They’re a pretty sweet little toy and I’m having fun with mine already. I’ll never get lost again! They retail for $500-$600 bucks and even read the street names for you. They can play music and have a feature to hookup to your phone for hands free calling.

Garmin nuvi 660

Why would they put that there?

So yesterday we got up and lounged around for a while until Tim got here and we went to the ski hill. We got to Buck Hill around 6:30 and I picked up my boots and skis while they grabbed their lift tickets and we hit the slopes. I skipped right on past the bunny hill, I’d done this before.

We went down the easy run a few times and I was really starting to get the cut of things. Although we all felt really out of place because it was mostly overrun with 12 year olds. But who cares, we were having fun. After a few runs down the easy slope we went in to warm up for a few minutes. After some much needed warmth, we went back out and jumped directly onto a black diamond run. I started out fine, going slow and not getting crazy. Then a dumb snowboarder got in my way while I was curving back and forth. Somehow this put me on a straight course right for the bottom. I picked up way too much speed and ended up coming over the last hill before the bottom. The dropoff after that hill was a little too steep and I felt my upper body tilt forward. I tumbled head over heels and just remember a cloud of snow all around me. I got back on the horse but told Heather I didn’t want to stay on the big people hill anymore.

So we downgraded to a blue square run. Took it just fine my first time and it was pretty fun to go down a bigger hill. Went back up the lift and started coming down again. Made it all the way down just fine, but somehow forgot to start slowing down. It was about that time I noticed a nice looking fence coming up. I can’t remember the exact moment I was doomed, but I do distinctly remember thinking, “I’m gonna hit this fence”. So there I was crashing into a fence at full speed. I remember hitting, and I remember looking up at the sky. I had busted through the fence. I ended up actually being perfectly fine, but all the little kids thought it was pretty cool.

At this point I thought I’d better stick to the easy run for the rest of the night. So I stayed there and even went around a tree while Heather watched and I even jumped a little. It was a pretty fun night and the hot tub back in my apartment made it all worth it. Tim ended up staying over because it was so late and he was so tired. He took off early this morning and Heather and I lounged around for a while, baked some cookies and finally packed up and Heather headed out. So I’ve been relaxing ever since and trying not too move to much from being so tired and sore from our adventures yesterday.

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She talks the talk…

She likes to talk a big talk, but we all know I’m going straight to the double diamond’s baby. This week has been a crazy week. Work’s pretty busy and I’ve been fretting about my car situation. Things are good at Magenic. We’ve been kicking butt this year and there are more people now than I can adjust too. When I started there were less than 15 including the 3 of us starting that day. Now, there are 48 and probably over 50 soon.

In other news, I’ve been working to get the blog up and running and tweaked to my liking. I really like the new picture gallery. I think my old one was cooler to use, but it was a pain in the ass on the backend to add and comment pictures. It’s a lot easier to get motivated to upload pictures when it doesn’t take like five minutes a picture.

At some point in the future I’d like to get a digital camera so I can have some more good quality photos to put up once in a while.


Make it stop!

Urgh…what a week. Finals start on Thursday so it has been an EXTREMELY fun week… not really. So here is the deal. Last year, the department decided that the writing of the graduating seniors was not up to par. Thanks to that, we have had to write an average of 6 papers in each class! Let’s see… I have 6 classes… so that is about A LOT of papers. No fun. I am looking forward to getting done with my 19 credit semester and on the the last semester of my college career! WOOOOOOO! Bring it on.

Fun side note, I am being inducted into the Lambda Pi Eta honor society on Thursday afternoon. There are 10 comm studies seniors getting the honors and we are the first class to do this. Should be a good time and a good resume booster.

On a somewhat sad side, I told my boss today that I would not be able to continue being a supervisor next semester due to my class schedule. I have put it off for about a month now. I really love running the site and I am really attached to all of the kids. It is going to be really hard to say goodbye to them when I cannot work next semester. I will still be working in the morning because I need to make money somehow, even when I have to get up at the ass crack of dawn. On the bright side, not having to work in the afternoon will leave me some time to enjoy the last half of my senior year.

So much to catch up on. It has been snowing all week and this has got me super excited to go snowboarding! I called Tim on my way down to Minneapolis this afternoon and we are going to go tomorrow evening. I am stoked! Plus, Nick even wants me to teach him. Bunny Hill, here we come!

Tonight, I got to Nick’s apartment and took a nap while I waited for him to get home. We were guided by the almighty GPS to TGI Fridays, of course, and were expecting the three course menu to be there. It was advertised on the website but when we asked the waiter we were sadly disappointed. So when he left to give us a few minutes, we dipped like rock stars. That’s what you get for taking the good stuff off the menu! No Nick and Heather. Supper was at Fudrockers instead. After that, we moseyed on back to the apartment, took a dip in the tub of hotness, and then watched an episode of Kid Nation. Those crazy kids. So that about sums it up I think.