Frostbite in Five

As you already may know, the Magenic party weekend was a lot of fun, although it was quite cold around the feet with high heels. The complimentary valet was wonderful; that way, Nick didn’t have to go and get the car!

Last weekend was also good times. It was nice not to have to do anything on Saturday and Nick and I took full advantage of sleeping in. Nick also perfected this technique on Sunday when I had to get up and go :(. Trauma Tactics was put on by Merit-Care and was hosted at the Holiday Inn. The goal of Trauma Tactics is to enhance the knowledge base of care providers to achieve optimal patient care of the trauma patient. The purpose is to decrease mortality and morbidity in the trauma patient population. When you got there, you found your name tag and folder with presentation information. Inside was a raffle ticket that you dropped in the bucket for door prizes. I won at the first drawing that morning and was the proud owner of an assorted cheese and crackers basket! Breakfast was complimentary and generally good. At 8:15 the seminar kicked off and the lights went down. This was the schedule:

0730-0810 Registration/Continental Breakfast
0810-0815 Welcome/Announcements
0815-0900 Aeromedical and Critical Care Transport Teams…Supporting
“Operation Enduring Freedom”
0900-1000 Pediatrics – Abusive Head Trauma
1000-1015 Break
1015-1100 Airway Adjunct Capnography
1100-1145 “Preventing the Triad of Death”
1145-1215 What’s New in Trauma
1215-1305 Lunch
1305-1430 I-35 Bridge Collapse – Lessons Learned
1430-1445 Break
1445-1530 Landing Zone Management/Case Study
1530-1615 Bizarre Cases in Trauma
1615-1630 Question & Answer/Evaluations

In between trying hard to stay awake I noticed that we had sat under a vent. It was freezing! I was wearing a sweatshirt and proceeded to put my coat and mittens back on. I was still cold so I started to do calisthenics in hopes to warm up my body. I called Nick at the first break and told him to bring me some wool socks and a long sleeve shirt. The presentations all went relatively well. My favorites were: pediatric head trauma, the I-35 bridge collapse and Bizarre Trauma Cases. At 4:30 the seminar pulled to an end and I picked up my free sweatshirt and certificate for continuing education for my EMT.

When I got home, I worked on perfecting my cup stacking skills but was quite disappointed when the timer battery died. Later that night, I turned on the web cam to have a conversation with Nick and then showed him my skillz. He timed me through an internet stop watch and I am improving. As of yesterday afternoon, my cycle speed was 17.22. Nice! What is a cycle you ask. Well, you start with 3 stacked cups on your right and left and 6 stacked cups in the middle. Working from left to right you make a tower out of each stack. Once that is completed, you return to the left side and take all the towers down. After the last tower on the left is taken down, you move those three cups to the left and make a 6 cup tower with the left side 3 cup stack. You then make another 6 stack tower out of the middle pile. Once done, you take down first the left tower and then the right and make on stack of 12 cups. The top two cups are taken off and placed to the sides and one is turned upside down. You then make a 10 cup tower with the remaining cups. When finished, you tap the two side cups on opposite ends and take down the 10 cup tower as fast as possible. And I bet no one understands anything I just said! I will figure out how to take a video of the process and put it on here so you know what it looks like. After that, it was bed time.

Yesterday was beautiful and sunny. The temps were over 30 and I did not wear my mittens. Today, that is another story. I got to work at 6:40 and nearly blew my door off. The wind speed is out of control! The news said to bundle up because exposed skin will freeze in less than 5 minutes. Well, that is encouraging.

As far as this weekend is concerned, I will not be able to see Nick due to team practice on Saturday. It is not fair for him to have to drive three weekends in a row so we are taking it off. He will be back next weekend for a Judo/Jujutsu thingy. Not quite sure exactly what it is and I don’t want to butcher it so I will just leave it at that. The next weekend will also be a loner as I again have team practice :(.


A quick switch-up in this weekend’s plans. Originally, I was going to hang out with Tim and just spend some time relaxing.

Heather threw a monkey wrench into those plans when she told me that my jujutsu instructor and Master Teresa from TKD were putting on a demo at MSUM. Being a student of both it was a hard offer to resist. So I ended up packing the bags and heading North. I rolled into Moorhead about 7:30 and went to the wrestling room on campus to stretch out a bit after sitting in a car for 4 hours.

After awhile, the rest of the crew started arriving and the demo got under away. I got tossed around by Cruff along with a couple others for awhile. It was a lot of fun and afterwards Heather, Cruff, a fellow student named Joe, and I went to Fryin’ Pan to sit and chat for a while.

Well, first we had to find the right Fryin’ Pan. Heather and I went to the one in Moorhead while Cruff and Joe went to the one in Fargo. After we showed up at the right we sat and talked a bit about old times. I told Cruff that I’d been thinking about teaching some Tae Kwon Do and he mentioned that I should teach some judo or jujutsu as well, so we’ll see what comes out of all that.

Saturday Heather and I slept in and it was great. We had nothing to do so it was all about taking it easy. We ended up meeting Marisa for a movie and then we shopped for a while, and Heather picked up some speed stacking cups. We ended up renting a movie, as well and watched that before we went to bed.

Sunday Heather had to get up early for a training seminar in trauma tactics while I slept in. I got up eventually, and packed up. I picked Heather up for lunch, and we grabbed a bite to eat. After lunch I dropped her off and got back on the road home. I’ve spent the rest of the night just relaxing and not doing too much while I hear Heather is perfecting her cup stacking technique.

And the winner is…….

…..not Nick 🙁

So we had the old company party this weekend and it was a good time. First off Heather arrived Thursday night because she did not have school on Friday. I was out in Hutchinson at Tim’s gym Thursday night teaching jujitsu. I got back an hour or so before she did and it was just enough time to pick up quick before she got here.

Friday I worked and Heather slept. I came home to find her playing Mario over lunch. After I finished up work we went grocery shopping because I hadn’t been to the store in about a month.

Saturday was a busy day. We started out by driving to Cokato for Black belt class. It was pretty nice having Black Belt class less than an hour away. So we kicked around for a little but we couldn’t stay for the whole day because we had to come back and get ready for the big ball. It was time for Magenic’s holiday party and it was a blast.

It started out with some free valet parking and we got in the door there was an a capella singing group in the lobby. We wondered our way to the bathrooms by mistake but quickly made our way back to the main room. There was an open bar so I got all the free pop and Heather worked through about a dozen Shirley Temples. We started putting our tickets in for the prizes we wanted to win before the dinner. The food was great and because I can’t remember it all, here was the menu:

    • Roasted Crimini Mushrooms
      • stuffed with four cheeses, spinach, and roasted red pepper
    • Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus
      • with lemon mascarpone filling
    • Thai Chicken Skewers
      • with a rice vinegar glaze
    • Artichoke Ramekin
      • the world-famous manna with garlic toasts
    • Chicken & Vegetable Pan-Seared Potstickers
      • with soy dipping sauce
    • Ciabatta Bruschetta
      • on house-made bread with fresh mozzarella, yellow tomatoes,red peppers, and fresh basil with a balsamic drizzle
    • Salade Sauvage
      • field greens in a light vinaigrette with crumbled bleu cheese, fresh pear, candied walnuts, and raisins
    • Caesar Salad
      • hearts of romaine, house-made croutons, and shaved parmesan in a garlic and egg dressing
    • Roast Beef Carving Station
      • with au jus and sauce barnaise
    • Chicken Marsala
      • with roasted garlic orzo and green beans in a crimini mushroom and madiera demi-glace
    • Sauted Salmon
      • with a parmesean and fine herb crust in a cherry tomato hollandaise
    • Mashed Potato Bar
      • with various additions including cheese, chives, bacon, butter, and sour cream
    • Roasted Chicken and Smoked Mozzarella Ravioli
      • in a Napolitana sauce of crushed tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, and olive oil
    • Cheese Tortelini
      • in a robust red sauce with mild Italian sausage
    • Mushroom Penne
      • in a gorgonzola cream sauce with toasted pine nuts and raisins
    • a chef’s selection of various tartlets and other surprises

So good stuff all around, neither Heather or I won anything in the early drawings but we were soon lost in the blackjacks tables. It was pretty fun, not serious gambling, just playing some cards.

After the cards, at the end of the night, we exchanged in our chips for some more tickets and dumped them in the prizes we wanted to win. I am getting tired of typing so I’ll leave it up to Heather to list some of the prizes and I came up with squat while Heather won a $100 gift card.

Tim came over Sunday and we all relaxed and took it easy. Heather and I cooked a pizza for lunch and Tim came over in the afternoon. It was a pretty dang good weekend, all in all.

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Do not pass GO!

This morning I checked my bank statement and noticed the deposit was a little bigger than usual. Actually, exactly $600 bigger than normal. When I got to work I immediately got ahold of the boss man because I figured it was a mistake and best to get it taken care of rather than coming back for it in a few weeks.

So I told them what was up and they said the would get back to me. I contacted them again shortly and let them know that I had found one of these cards and that everything was fine and they could just drop it.

Bank Error

But unfortunately, nope, I had gotten someone else’s bonus and everything was rectified shortly. Oh, well…

The beginning of the end!

Wow, it has been pretty busy lately. The rest of last week was pretty laid back. On Friday we met up with Marisa, her parents and brother, and a couple of her friends and went tubing. It was a lot of fun had by all and Tim even joined us for the festivities. Saturday we went dress shopping and Nick also got a suit, in which he modeled for the camera and is now in the gallery here:{wp-gallery-remote: gallery=0; rootalbum=502; showalbumtitle=true; showimagesheader=true;}
On Monday, I met up with a couple of friends and headed out to Andes Tower Hills by Alexandria. We tore it up on the slopes all day long and had a blast enjoying the last of our vacation time. There are some pictures up in the gallery here: {wp-gallery-remote: gallery=0; rootalbum=552; showalbumtitle=true; showimagesheader=true;}

In the last order of business, I started my last semester yesterday! It was a lot of fun and the countdown has begun; as of today, 75 school days left! And, in an effort to fully enjoy my college career, I went to the wrong room, twice, before finding my classroom in another building. Ah yes, how great it is to be lost your final semester.

Saturday is the winter Tae Kwon Do extravaganza and awards banquet. Should be a lot of fun and I will be getting my official certificate for my black belt that afternoon. Nick and I will dance the night away while looking spiffy in our new attire. That’s all for now!

Proud ex-member of the 300 club

Just a quick note. I stepped on the scale this morning and for the first time since the last day of my junior year in high school I am under 300 pounds. It read 298.4 today and I plan on keeping it up.

So, do you have a boyfriend yet!

So now it is my turn… Christmas went way too fast! I almost died about 5 times coming back from the cities on Saturday. I am glad it was not me who was driving or I never would have left the apartment. Saturday night my Mom had us making star cookies. Those are the wonderfully delicious sugar cookies with a chocolate star pushed in the middle. During this experience, I was introduced to Nick’s powerful cookie flipping skill. Although he did complete one full flip, the rest did not fare so well. The casualties were quickly eaten by scavengers and the flipping skills were soon retired so that there would be whole cookies to eat on Christmas. We hung out with some friends and Nick went back to Ada Sunday morning.

On Christmas Eve, I worked at the Youth Commission. It was generally a good time. There was 17 kids so it was pretty laid back. I ran an art project that went surprisingly well and we watched the movie Elf. The kids started streaming out after the movie but a couple lingered until a quarter to 6. We played pool, ping pong and air hockey. While I was playing air hockey with the last little boy, he exasperatedly said, “So, do you have a boyfriend yet?!” I laughed and said yes and continued my whoop ass. We had ribs for supper that night and then opened presents. I received Ruby the hairdryer from my parents and a couple of other gifts. We played a little guitar hero and then headed to bed.

Christmas Day we spent some time with my Dad’s side of the family and opened presents. I got a sweet hat with headphones inside. I also received, in the Secret Santa extravaganza, I got the most excellent game of Rummikub and Phase 10. Nick got the latest John Grisham novel, Playing for Pizza. As Grisham is my favorite author, I have taken control of the book. But in all reality, because Nick does not have a radio, I have become an audio book and read it aloud when we are in the car. After we were done with the festivities at the Haarstad camp, we headed to Ada for some more presents and a couple of games of 7.5. I got more presents and a new necklace from Nick. We had some more food and Virginia’s wonderful Snicker salad!

Wednesday and Thursday were spent in Ada. On Wednesday, we went to Nick’s buddy Blair’s graduation party. He was a snowboarder so we had common ground. The cake was good and I played a little guitar hero too. Thursday I wanted to try snowmobiling so I suited up and headed out. I have only been snowmobiling a couple of times and that was in high school. Oh yeah, Nick took me once when we first started dating and lost me when he went over a jump. I had a nice abrasion from the trip and was not too quick to want to ride with him again. They Olson’s have two snowmobiles so Nick was going to go on one and I was was going to ride the other. Unfortunately, only one was working as the other one had a frozen throttle. So I headed out alone, not knowing really what I was doing or where I was. It was pretty fun and a little scary at the same time. A couple of times I got going pretty fast and hit some bumps and went flying a little bit. That was kinda freaky because you fly off a little and grab the handle bars a little more tightly. In doing this, you hold down the throttle and go faster. Scary. So after exploring a little more I headed back. That evening they Olson clan had to take pictures for the Church directory and I waited at their house playing Sudoku until they returned. Nick, Brian and I headed back to Moorhead when they got back. We met up with my family and I got to spend some quality time with Addison. That night we played a little more guitar hero and then headed to bed.

Friday was family Christmas with more good food and gifts to open. I spent more time with Addison as she is adorable and cute. Tom, my step-brother-in-law, got Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and we all participated in some of the events. I believe Nick uploaded some videos that will do justice to the absurdity of the games.

Saturday we headed back to the Cities and lounged around. It felt really odd to be back on a Saturday and kept thinking the next day was Monday. We didn’t do much of anything that I can remember so it must not have been too exciting. On Monday, while Nick was at work, I made Mice. They turned out really well and were a hit at the party we went to that night and at Nick’s work on Wednesday. We went with Tim to Nick’s co-workers house. There, we played Rock Band and I must say I rock the drums pretty hard. I wish there was a Drum Hero for the Wii. That would be excellent. We watched the ball drop via the magic of television and a recorded live feed from Times Square and welcomed in 2008.

Tonight we are going to meet Marisa for some awesome sledding action. Apparently, the place we are going to has a tow rope so you do not even have to walk up the hill to enjoy the 10 second ride down! How wonderful! Well, I am sufficiently sick of blogging and there is not much else to tell. Bye!

Ada smells like beef jerky

Wow, a lot has happened since the last update. I headed back to Ada and chilled out there until Christmas Eve night. We had our little Olson family Christmas and it was a good time. I got pots and pans so I can cook even more delicious food. Besides that I got some more gadgets and gizmos to go along with all the other ones that seem to keep piling up. 🙂 After a bit of supper I made my way back to Moorhead where I managed to squeeze a few of Cindy’s ribs into my tummy as well. After that there were more presents. I finally got a digital camera, which was my gift from Heather, so there will be a ton of pictures that keep showing up on here from now on.

After much some more Guitar Hero downstairs we all managed to call it a night. In the morning, we got up and prepped. We made our way over to Heather’s aunt’s house. There we started the routine all over again, gifts chatting, presents, the whole deal. There everyone just brought one gift with a max value of $15 and everyone just picked a gift at random. Heather got Rummikub and picked out a book. After we managed to extract ourselves and I could drag Heather away from the cookies we made our way back to Ada again. There it was more foods and presents. After the festivities we got down to the Olson tradition of card playing. A good time was had by all and we played cards for hours. Eventually, all the fortunes had been won and lost and everyone headed off to bed.

Wednesday was not too much happening. We sat around a bunch and that night stopped uptown where my friend Blair was having a little graduation party. A couple of friends from high school were there and Heather had a good time chatting up with Blair about snowboarding. As we were leaving Heather was sniffing the air and declared that Ada smelled like beef jerky. I do believe that was a compliment.

Thursday we lounged around and Heather decided she was going to go snowmobiling, but I’ll let her cover that. That night we had to take family pictures for the church and afterwards we headed back to Ada with Brian in tow because he was having car issues. That night we met up with Heather’s family at the nursing home where Curt’s mom was. There Heather got to see her favorite niece, baby Addison. We headed back to Heather’s house where I was told I had to set up the Wii. There we played a lot of bowling and Guitar Hero before finally going to bed.

Friday was pretty much the same thing again, lounging, food, gifts, Wii, etc, etc…

Saturday we packed up and headed back to the big city. We got in around 5 and promptly did nothing. We were pretty worn out. Sunday was more of the same except we did pick up a bit because my aunt was coming over. They stopped in to visit for a while and after that we bopped over to Ryan’s to watch some of the Vikings game.

Monday I worked and Heather made mice, she can fill in on that one. Monday night we went to a coworkers where we played Rock Band and hung out waiting for the ball to drop. Tim came and hung out as well and it was pretty fun. Tim ended up crashing at our apartment because it was so late.

He took off early this morning and Heather and I have done our best to refuse to get up since. I’m leaving it up to Heather to fill in the details on this post because there was just to much to cover in one shot.