There is nothing we can do…

First gotta get this out cause I am bitter about it. On Thursday night we had a test for TKD. The last part of the test was breaking and the break was a 540 backspin. Difficult break but most had already broken it, even the small guys. I was given a board and held it for what has always been a practice or set up. Before you go for real, you yell to alert your holder that this is a try and to hold the board securely. I was holding loose so my arms did not get tired and all of the sudden, a jr. black belt no less, comes flying around and misses the board but got my right hand. I was a little shocked and taken aback because there was no yell. I held the board again, this time he yelled, and he broke it the second time. When I gave the board back I noticed my hand was throbbing. I looked down and saw that my pinky was twisted at an interesting angle. I tried to choke back my tears until the test was over and we bowed out. After, I grabbed my stuff and headed for the door. My parents took me to Innovis and they discovered that the joint was fractured and referred me to a specialist. Today, I went to see him. He told me that, “there was nothing we can do.” Apparently, my finger will now always be twisted. Yeah. A little pissed and very upset. Here is a picture of what it looks like:


Now that I have covered that, this last weekend was a generally good time; other than my splinted finger. I got to the cities late afternoon and we went to the grocery store and tested out the Red Box. Not bad, a movie for $1 a night. We went to bed early after playing some Mario.

Saturday we woke up early and went with Tim to help him teach TKD. What we expected was going to be a quick morning with one class turned out to be 4 hours. Little did we know he had split the one class into four: little ninjas, youth beginner, youth advanced, and a sparring sport class. It was a pretty good time and the ninjas are adorable. Later, we went to Albertville and Tim and I got new shoes. Then, as customary, we hit up Old Country Buffet. Good times. It was pretty good and the area director was there and he remembered me from stories my dad has told him. He is a really nice guy so it was enjoyable. Tim left and Nick and I just relaxed before going to bed.

Sunday was a lounge day. We hit up the MOA for a t-shirt I had been meaning to get then I left. Oh yeah, my mom and I are addicted to Hostess 100 Calorie Cakes and they do not sell them in Fargo-Moorhead. Every time I go to the cities, I bring back multiple boxes. Recently, it was discovered that they also make muffins. Sure enough we discovered them at Cub. Nick is happy because he feels like he has muffin power and my mom has to go through him. Ha! So other than a muffin-power boyfriend, the weekend was pretty laid back. Not always a bad thing.

This is the week before spring break so school is a little hectic. I just finished a mid-term and have another one tomorrow. On Thursday I have an 8 page paper due, which I just found out about on Monday, and I have to make a presentation in my other class. Ick. This weekend is the Northwest TKD tournament in Alex. Obviously I will not be competing in sparring anymore. Kinda bummed about that. Baby Addison is also coming to town so we are meeting up with her at Champs on Sunday! On Monday I have an informational interview with the recruiting manager at Magenic and then early Tuesday morning I leave for Arizona! Busy next couple of days!

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