When will it end?

I am going to wake up tomorrow morning…the first day of April with the world completely covered in snow. It has to stop sometime… I know it does…


I had to go up to get the full court shot

We had a pretty good weekend this time around. Heather got in Friday evening with our new bikes. We met at the jewelry store we finally picked out her engagement ring. She was pretty excited and I’m sure she’s going to enjoy showing it to everyone. It sounded like everybody wanted to see it last week, but we didn’t have it yet. We’ve started to talk about the wedding a bit regarding date ranges and ideas. It’s all still exciting so far and she’s pretty pumped. People are flying questions at us and we have no answer for any of them yet, so that’s pretty stressful.

Friday night we took it easy at the apartment, Saturday Heather woke me up at like 8:45 am. I couldn’t get back to sleep. Saturday we took it easy and went grocery shopping. Then we took a spin on our new bikes before Tim and Dan stopped by and hung out for a little bit. It was pretty fun. We watched Borat for a bit before they had to take off. Saturday night Amanda got back from Iraq so we drove out to Woodbury and welcomed her back. She is around for a couple weeks before she has to ship back again. We ate supper with her and her family. It sounds like she’s done for good (hopefully) in July or August.

Sunday we got up and relaxed some more. Sunday afternoon we went to the Timberwolves game. I picked up a couple of awesome tickets from work. They were at half court and 15 rows up. When we picked them up we couldn’t help but notice that they were $125 a ticket. I’ve never really went into the arena and had to walk DOWN to my seat. They even had waitresses that came down row by row and would take your order for food and bring it back to you. Pretty sweet, but I can still get my own hot dogs and pretzels thank you very much. The Timberwolves even won. It was a close game throughout and I picked up some pretty sweet videos and pictures. I should have been a sports photographer. I’m running out of things to chat about for now. Here are the pics for your viewing pleasure.

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What to say?

For those that didn’t quite get it with the intro splash screen, yes, Heather and I are now officially engaged. A lot of people have been asking for a long time now and I finally asked her shortly after midnight on my birthday. We were relaxing in my apartment watching some TV when midnight rolled around and I declared it was my birthday.

I got up on the pretense of getting something, and then told her she had to get up to give me a birthday hug. It took some coaxing to get her off her butt, but she did. When she gave me a hug, I pretended to spot the ring I had bought her a long time ago on my desk. She had left it there a few weeks ago and I grabbed it and said, “Oh hey…here’s your ring back. But you only get it on one condition.”

“What’s that?”, Heather asked.

I took her hand, went down to one knee and said, “Will you marry me?”.

Needless to say, there was much excitement and hysteria to follow. She eventually caught her breath enough to say yes. We’ll be going to pick out the official engagement ring this weekend.

Other than that nothing is set or planned. We need to get past her graduation/move before we can really start thinking ahead.

We’re both pretty excited and Heather really appreciates all the attention she’s been getting. As for me I’m pretty sure most people managed to forget it was my birthday in all the excitement. It’s ok, I planned it so I live with it.

I’m sure there will be many more stories to follow, and more information here too. Sorry to those who found out about coming to the site and not from Heather or I. We went through as many phone and emails as we could, but I’m sure we missed someone.

Thirsty Thursday and Easter weekend

My leadership seminar class partnered with an event on campus called: Thirsty Thursday. We helped in different leadership roles such as advertising, purchase orders, securing door prizes, and creating a raffle. The event went off well and a fun time was had by all. It started at 7:30 and went until almost midnight. There was root-beer floats, root-beer pong, condom poker, and a couple of movies. It went so well we ran out of root-beer and ice-cream before the actual scheduled ending time.

We got a surprise drop of snow on Thursday night so it made travel a little treacherous. I left for the cities a little before noon on Friday and took my time getting there. The roads were a little iffy and I even stopped once when I saw an SUV on its side in the ditch. I ran down like a Baywatch champ but the girl had been wearing her seat belt and was sitting in her car talking on her cell phone to her Dad. So I left and continued on. When I got to Nicks, we immediately turned around and left for Ada. Uhhh my ass was sore from sitting in the car for so long. We met his family at his Grandpa’s house outside of Borup before moving on to Ada. Saturday we celebrated with Nicks’ family. We headed to the Deco to play some ping pong, took a nap, then headed for his Grandpa’s house again. We had some pretty good food, although I am still not sure about this so called “glorified rice” dish. The glory still alludes me. We left that night with the destination being my cousin’s house in Sartell (St. Cloud). The roads were kind of bad so we decided to spend the night in Moorhead. On the way to town, we stopped by the Gilbertson’s to see the new puppies. There are 10 of them and they are really cute, aside from all their pooping and peeing.

We left a little before 9 on clear roads on Sunday morning and got to Sartell when everyone was just getting back to the house after church. My Grandma had made dough nuts so we had a little breakfast before being beat by my little cousins in Disney Scene It, although let it be known that they cheat and they have played so many times they know all the answers. They were pretty impressed that we knew our Disney facts though. We had lunch and then the old people left to go shopping. The kids stayed back and went on a giant egg hunt. We made egg teams, Ashley and I versus Emily and Nick, and took turns hiding all 120 plastic eggs. Emily and Nick do not know how to hide eggs very well and placed some of them in the middle of the floor but they claim that “it was hard to find so many hiding places.” Sounds like a cop-out to me. Ashley and I were so good that they couldn’t find them all. My Uncle owns a bike shop so we went and bought two new bikes at a pretty good deal. We both had been wanting some new, quality bikes for a couple of years and are now looking forward to exploring the Minneapolis bike trails this summer. To the beach! We also found a “Caramel Roll Run” where you ride your bike for the day and at various stops there are caramel rolls. Nick is sold on this idea and would like to go. Sounds like fun so maybe we will. We got home and met Brouse and Marisa for a movie at the apartment.

Today is a lazy day for me. I have some homework to do but I don’t know if I will get around to doing it. I have been cleaning a little after the remodeling that was done to the apartment last week. Adding my dishes and putting away everything that had to be moved. Not sure what we will do tonight but I have to go home tomorrow afternoon.

Also, tomorrow is Nicks 24th birthday!

A weekend of State Champs

Turns out Ada made it to the MN State Girls Basketball Championships in Minneapolis so I hitched a ride with the Olson van to visit Nick and watch some basketball. We went to the semi-final game as the Target Center and watched the Cougars kick butt and move onto the finals the next day. That night when Nick got home we headed off to Forest Lake to weigh-in for the MN State TaeKwonDo Championships. When we got there I found out that I was two pounds over. Uh oh. My coach said no problem, just go find a sauna and sweat it out. One problem, no saunas in Forest Lake and I only had a two hour window to make weight. Then the fun began… Turns out someone nannied for a couple that had their own personal sauna. They were not home but, after contacted by phone, said it was okay for us to come over and use their sauna. So the girl who is the nanny brought us over there, turned on the sauna and had to leave to get to the referee meeting back at the gym. So here Nick and I are in an empty and strange home. Weird. So turns out we couldn’t get the sauna to get hot and after about 20 minutes of waiting, we decided to take another approach. We got back in the car and Nick cranked up the heat. Now this is something incredible in itself because Nick hates it when the car is hot but he was trying to help me. Pretty impressive. I had on my swimsuit, sweatpants, t-shirt, Nicks’ sweater, my winter jacket, and finally Nicks’ winter jacket. We made our way to the Junior High track and Nick helped me run. I had not had anything to eat or drink in over 24 hours so I was pretty drained. Nick ran ahead of me on the track trying to get me to go fast and push hard. What a guy huh, sits in a hot car and runs the track with me. He is pretty much the best boyfriend ever. We alternated between sitting in the car and running a lap. Pretty much the worst evening and I vowed to watch my weight well in advance of Nationals instead of decided to drop a weight class a week before. Eventually, I did make weight and we headed back to Golden Valley. We got back and I gave Carley her new bracelet and all the kids played Phase 10.

Saturday morning Nick and I left for the tournament and the Olson’s went to the championship game at the Target Center. The Cougars had a stellar performance and, as you probably already know, are the MN State Girls Basketball Champions. Way to go Cougars! Nick and I were both disappointed that we did not get to go. I won both of my events and even finished my sparring match in 14 seconds. Pretty cool. So that means that I am the MN State TaeKwonDo Champion. After heading to Dairy Queen after the tourney with Tim, Megan, James, Kristen, and Maddie, we left for home. The bed was calling and we crashed for a long nap.

Sunday we got up and went to Target. We picked up some groceries and storage tubs for Nick. I made caramel rolls when we got home for breakfast and later we made homemade pizza for lunch. I left with Maddie later that afternoon for Moorhead.

Where did all the palm trees go?

It has been awhile since my last post so I have decided to split them up like I would have…so it is like this lull never happened. Yup that is how we will look at it.

My Grandparents met me at the airport and told me we were going to the races! The weather was beautiful and I got to see the horsies run the track. I didn’t walk away up but I only lost about $5. Not too shabby for enjoying a wonderful afternoon in the sun people watching. We left for home and I feel asleep on a lounger outside of the house before we had dinner. Wednesday was a pretty lazy day. A lot of card games of Kings in the Corner and Gin. Grandpa beat me but I completely won the second set we played. Must have a pretty darn good teacher. We went to the pool a lot and enjoyed the weather. That night, we played Rumikub. This was my Grandparents first introduction to my domination. I won every game that night and we must have played over a dozen. Thursday we went to a pre-season MLB game. The Kansas City Royals vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks. It was an open air stadium and it was a gorgeous day. The Arizona Diamondbacks won with a home run in the bottom of the last inning. I spent as much time in the sun as I could and even grabbed some cotton candy. The whoop-ass continued to Thursday night in Rumikub where I continued my streak. I finally lost ONE game to my Grandpa. Still, a pretty impressive record. Over 2 dozen games played and I only lost one.I had to leave Friday night so we spent most of the day between the pool and the backyard. I woke up early that morning and went with my Grandma to water aerobics. It was a grand time had by all and I swam some laps for about a half hour. We hit the hot tub before we left for home to “raise our body temps”. Not sure I understand this because the pool was heated. I loved the weather and I miss the cacti. 🙁

Busy, busy

So what’s could possible have happened in the last couple days? Quite a bit actually. First Ada Girls’ Basketball are going to state again this year. So if they win tomorrow I’ll be having some visitors over the weekend.

Other than that, work continues to be crazy. A couple other guys are taking on my projects to free me up to work on other projects. Ryan, Jordan, and I are continuing our work on the new Magenic contest. For those that haven’t been following Magenic is sponsoring another internal contest. This time it is to develop some virtual receptionist software. That way when you come into the office there will be some info about Magenic playing and ability to call people, etc.

Today at work Ryan and I were talking about how we should go to MSUM and try to recruit some people. We decided to run it by our boss and he thought it would be a good idea and it sounds like we’ll be going on a little recruiting trip in the next couple weeks. We’d like to hit MSUM for sure and possibly NDSU as well. Also, my manager stopped by and asked if I wanted to be on the Magenic Technology council. Basically, it’s a new group that formed last year at Magenic to help drive the decisions on the new technologies we should be focusing on in the upcoming year. Basically, a few people from each department are nominated to it. I’m not to sure what else it entails at this point but it sounds like if I do get nominated, I would be on it for 18 months. I’ll definitely keep every one posted on what happens with that story, but the basic idea is that the people on the council should be the people in the company that really make a drive to push for the use of new technologies inside Magenic and in the rest of the technological community as well. Either way, it should be an interesting role to play, no promotion or extra pay…just extra recognition and responsibility 😉 .

Continuing with the nerd stuff, DuWayne is now the proud owner of DuWayne Olson’s Septic Pumping. Because I’m such a good guy I’ve started work on a website for his little side business at http://olsonseptic.com.

Not much else to report as of right now, but I’m sure I’ll have more things to report in the coming weeks.

What do you mean you didn't check any bags?

So, what’s been happening recently? So, a lot of this week was pretty busy. I’ve spent some time on the new Magenic contest with Ryan and Jordan from work. Finally, on Friday night I went to the airport to pick up Heather. She was supposed to fly in around 12:15. I had only been in the airport once so I decided to go early and wander around for a while.

So I got there and parked and walked in started wandering. I rode the tram a couple times, ended up lost a few times but made it to the baggage claims for Heather’s flight with plenty of time to spare. So I sat and waited for Heather’s plane to come in and it finally did. She even gave me a call to let me know they had landed and would be unboarding shortly. So I made sure I was by where her plane’s bags were coming in and she was nowhere to be seen. And nope. Still not here. Where is she? There? Nope. Ugh. Finally…she walked up to me…pretty cranky too. Evidently, she said she told me she hadn’t checked any bags. I’m pretty sure that never came up, but that’s all water under the bridge. So we made our way home and to bed shortly after.

We took great advantage of the fact we had nothing to do on Saturday and slept in. So we managed to get up and lounged around for a while. We went to the store to pick up some supplies. We spent a lot of time watching episodes of the office.

We picked up a movie as well and watched that as well. It was an ok movie.

Today was a pretty good day too. Another sleep in, we got up and got Heather somewhat packed up. Then we watched a bunch more of the Office. Finally, I convinced her to get out and on the road before it got too late and we got her loaded up and out the door. And I continued to enjoy writing up blog posts on my new labtop.

Update: I also forgot to mention that Heather did her part in taking a bite of crime by foiling a shoplifting attempt at the gas station as she was leaving my place. I can let her elaborate if she wants but if I remember the story correctly she ninja kicked some dude who stole snacks and was running out the door. Also, I think he had a sword and a lead pipe. I’m pretty sure that’s how it went.


Fight! aka The early bird gets tired…

So we had another good weekend this time around. We rolled up to Alexandria Saturday for a Northwest tournament. Heather was competing and the medic I was mostly just refereeing/judging and looking good. She did pretty dang good in the tournament. She took 2nd in forms, 2nd in synchronized forms and first in sparring. In fact, here is her sparring match, Heather is blue, watch for th knockout a little over halfway through:


After the tournament we came back and hit the hot tub to unwind and then went to bed.

Sunday, we got up and met Heather’s baby niece for some brunch and Heather got to hold baby Addison which she is always pretty happy about and then we met Tim later in the day for a movie. All in all, it was a pretty good day.

Monday, I worked and Heather packed. Monday night we ate some scrumptious salmon I made and finished getting her ready to go.

We went to bed and a few scant hours later we got up and I drove her to the airport. I dropped her off about 4:50 am. And made in to work about 5:30 am. Believe it or not I was the first car in the parking lot! I worked all the way through 5:30 and that 12 hour day was enough for me. So tonight I’ll be relaxing on the couch with the laptop and fiddling with some programming stuff. Magenic is sponsoring another contest and a couple of guys and I have formed a team to go after it. Eventually, I’m sure I’ll pass out and wake up sometime around Thursday, but we’ll have to see on that.