Busy, busy

So what’s could possible have happened in the last couple days? Quite a bit actually. First Ada Girls’ Basketball are going to state again this year. So if they win tomorrow I’ll be having some visitors over the weekend.

Other than that, work continues to be crazy. A couple other guys are taking on my projects to free me up to work on other projects. Ryan, Jordan, and I are continuing our work on the new Magenic contest. For those that haven’t been following Magenic is sponsoring another internal contest. This time it is to develop some virtual receptionist software. That way when you come into the office there will be some info about Magenic playing and ability to call people, etc.

Today at work Ryan and I were talking about how we should go to MSUM and try to recruit some people. We decided to run it by our boss and he thought it would be a good idea and it sounds like we’ll be going on a little recruiting trip in the next couple weeks. We’d like to hit MSUM for sure and possibly NDSU as well. Also, my manager stopped by and asked if I wanted to be on the Magenic Technology council. Basically, it’s a new group that formed last year at Magenic to help drive the decisions on the new technologies we should be focusing on in the upcoming year. Basically, a few people from each department are nominated to it. I’m not to sure what else it entails at this point but it sounds like if I do get nominated, I would be on it for 18 months. I’ll definitely keep every one posted on what happens with that story, but the basic idea is that the people on the council should be the people in the company that really make a drive to push for the use of new technologies inside Magenic and in the rest of the technological community as well. Either way, it should be an interesting role to play, no promotion or extra pay…just extra recognition and responsibility 😉 .

Continuing with the nerd stuff, DuWayne is now the proud owner of DuWayne Olson’s Septic Pumping. Because I’m such a good guy I’ve started work on a website for his little side business at http://olsonseptic.com.

Not much else to report as of right now, but I’m sure I’ll have more things to report in the coming weeks.

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