Attn: Heather is writing a post!

Nick has been hanging it over my head that he has more posts than I do, the argument always goes back to the famed V-Day posts. Well, it has been a little busy! I have just realized that I have one full week of my undergraduate school life. Exciting and scary all at the same time. I have been extremely busy finishing up final projects and all the wonderful things that go with that. I have also put in my two week notice for work, sad to be done but not as hard as leaving Lincoln this winter. I have also been job shopping. Stressful.

In the midst of all this, we have also been planning a wedding! I really hope choosing the reception site and date will be the worst… Nick and I are going to look at a couple of sites this weekend and then heading off to Ada. Carley is going to have a dance program so we are going to go and watch! So far, we have picked a church and pastor so at least we have something done! 🙂

I graduate on Friday, May 9th, so if you read this please come! We are having a small party at my Mom’s house that afternoon. Just hanging out with some good food and celebrations. Hope to see you there! If you need directions, talk to Nick or myself.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…

So, it’s come to my attention that I’ve been slacking on my posts lately. But, I’m still better than Heather at updating.

What’s been happening? Work is still going good. I’m switching project faster than I can blink it seems. In other news, I am officially a member of the Magenic Technology Council. All I know right now is that it sounds like they will be paying for me to travel to Chicago in June for a conference put on by Magenic. It is basically an small tech convention for programmers and our clients to help educate people on the new latest and greatest technologies. It should be a lot of fun and will mark my first official “business” trip so that is kind of exciting.

In personal news, Heather has started slowly bringing some stuff down to the apartment to make the eventual post-grad move in easier. I don’t know where we’re gonna put all this stuff. I think we can probably end up storing most of her stuff out on the balcony, the rest may have to go in the underground parking 🙂

Heather came down on Wednesday this week because she had a conference for school in the cities on Friday. She was going to come down Thursday, but because there was supposed to be bad weather for driving Thursday she came down Wednesday night instead. She slept in Thursday while I arose early and slaved away at work. But she did manage to wake up in time to welcome me home at 5 o’ clock.

Friday, we both got up and I dropped up her off at her conference, and I went to work, I also picked her up when she was done as well. She was waiting again on Friday when I got home. We were both feeling really lazy and declared it was pizza and movie night. So we picked up a couple movies and some delicious pies and made a night of it.

Saturday we slept in and when we woke up we declared it was cleaning party day. We picked up the apartment and put things in order. Saturday night was a Rock Band party at a co-workers place. There were a few people from work and it was a blast. Heather actually even grabbed the mic and sang along to a few songs. We didn’t get out of there until late and crashed immediately when we got home.

Sunday was a reaaaal lazy day. We slept-in and basically sat around doing nothing until we finally packed Heather up and sent her on her way. I’ve been continuing along the lazy track after she left, although I did manage to take out the garbage. So my work for the day is done.

Until next time (or sooner, if Heather would ever post…)