Big Changes aka Bernice's Great Adventure

Believe it or not, having a roommate for the first time in my life has been pretty hectic so I’m sorry for the slacking in posting.  But I did manage to get some pictures uploaded from the big move.

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Kiosk Contest

For those that don’t know me and a couple guys from work have been working on a kiosk program to work as a virtual receptionist for our office. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t been posting much, but we submitted our entry on Friday so I should have a lot more free time again. I think we did a really good job so I wanted to share what we’d done with some screen shots of the program.  (Click on the image for a better size)

This is the main screen that it sits on most of the time, displaying a presentation about magenic and any deliveries, etc that are coming up.


This screen is what you get if you click on one of those icons on the left of the main screen. It gives you details about the notification you clicked on a map showing where you are and where the event you picked is happening in the office. So if you are a delivery guy it would show you where your delivery is supposed to go to.


I’ll leave you with that, except for one more small thing, for a good laugh here is our team bio we submitted with our entry.

Team Gryffindor is Magenic’s premiere in-house kiosk design team. They have a long and storied tradition of rocking out and delivery some of the best custom kiosk solutions in the business based on .Net 3.5, WPF, and all the hopes, dreams and innocence of a chilid’s imagination.

The team consists of:

  • Nick Olson Nick has been with Magenic for two years and has gotten more projects cancelled than most associates have been on. When he’s not writing some of the most beautiful code seen by man or beast, he wanders the Old West searching for his half- brother and solving problems only with his wisdom, compassion and knowledge of kung fu.
  • Jordan Spence Jordan’s escape from the Asylum for the Criminally Insane 2 years ago started a 15 state wide man search that involved 7 car chases, 78 injured cops, 200 scared women, 23 illegitimate children, 10 appearances on America’s Most Wanted, and 1 serious Matrix move. After 47 plastic surgeries to change his appearance to avoid suspicion, he joined the Magenic team in early 2006 under his new identity. Nowadays you can find him designing eye swelling, heart stopping, fist pumping, montage needin’ UI.
  • Ryan Rust Ryan Rust grew up training for a long, illustrious career wrestling polar bears at the North Pole. But, he joined Magenic in 2006 shortly after suffering a career-ending injury while facing an opponent named ‘Buddy’. He brings his rugged good looks and grappling skills to the team. When he’s not hammering out code at Nick’s direction, he can be found updating his “mood” on MySpace or throwing rocks at Jordan

One quick note…

I have also been extremely busy working on my teams entry into a contest for work.  I officially turned it in today and we will see how it goes hopefully within the next week or so.

Mostly I just want to post this to point out how excited and happy I am that Heather is moving down here shortly.  Good luck on all your tests!

A day of lasts

I woke up today and realized something; today, I will give my last presentation, and hand in the last papers I will write for my undergraduate career. SWEET! As you may or may not know, I have been extremely busy finishing school. Although it has been fun, I am looking forward to relaxing. I will take my last exam on Monday and BE DONE!

The moving process has begun as I have moved little things to Golden Valley. This weekend, it will be the big stuff. My bed and other furniture will hopefully (weather cooperating) be moving to the Cities.

I officially am done working for the Youth Commission and enjoying sleeping until 9. I will be done teaching TaeKwonDo next Thursday. We are also going out for pizza after my last class so I am looking forward to that.

Once again, I am having a get-together after my graduation (around 12 or 1 o’clock) and would like for everyone to come! Plus, you get to see Nick too so how could you turn that offer down!