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Big Changes aka Bernice's Great Adventure

Believe it or not, having a roommate for the first time in my life has been pretty hectic so I’m sorry for the slacking in posting.  But I did manage to get some pictures uploaded from the big move. {wp-gallery-remote: … Continue reading

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Kiosk Contest

For those that don’t know me and a couple guys from work have been working on a kiosk program to work as a virtual receptionist for our office. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t been posting much, but we … Continue reading

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One quick note…

I have also been extremely busy working on my teams entry into a contest for work.  I officially turned it in today and we will see how it goes hopefully within the next week or so. Mostly I just want … Continue reading

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A day of lasts

I woke up today and realized something; today, I will give my last presentation, and hand in the last papers I will write for my undergraduate career. SWEET! As you may or may not know, I have been extremely busy … Continue reading

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