Breaking Boards, Not Bones

Well, we’re both still alive and relatively unhurt. Heather popped a blood vessel in her right ring finger from a board break and I’ve got a nice heel bruise from one too. Other than that though we were a bit sore and tired and that was about it.

The test went really well and we both passed, along with the other two testing. It was a lot of fun and although Heather was really nervous beforehand she kicked some butt during it. We’ll get some video up of it eventually, until then, here is some pictures.

Good Job, Aaron

Just a note I’m passing along from my mom’s bragging. Aaron was the star of the game last week and the leading rusher. He’s been working pretty hard at football and it’s already starting to pay off for him as a sophmore.

Who knows, if you keep up at it Aaron, you may be able to take on your big brother one day.


Feliz Cumpleanos, una dia tarde

So, as promised, here is the rest of the update for Heather declares as her Birthday Weekend. Friday night we took a night off from training and went to Dave and Busters in Maple Grove. It’s basically a Chuckie Cheese for adults. We had some food and played a bunch of arcade games for a little while before cashing in and heading out. I’ll leave it to Heather to fill in the details on exactly what transpired. She likes to tell that story.

Saturday morning we got up and headed up to the great city of Fargo. We met Heather’s parents in the afternoon and sat around for a bit. Then we got some early supper at Texas Roadhouse before going to the casino. The one-armed bandit hit up everybody, except me, I managed to walk out $50 ahead.

Sunday we went to Mexican Village to embarrass Heather and so she could get some fried ice cream and I could eat it. Then we took a short nap and packed up. We had to meet Tim to pick up a couple things and took him out for a final birthday supper. I think Heather had a pretty good time and as much as she denies it, she likes all the embarrassing attention she gets on her special day.

Love you, Heather. Happy Birthday, a day late.

Check out some more pics here

New Project at Work

So normally I don’t post a lot about what I do at work, because most people probably don’t care or wouldn’t understand a lot of the details. But I thought I’d share with you about my new project. I start on Monday for a company that builds RFID tags that they put in animals like pets, cattle, and wildlife. They inject the little chips and then you can scan them to figure out what that animal is.

They are expanding their manufacturing plants and because they need to have each number for each chip be unique, we are writing a program that will verify that each chip they build has a number that has not been used in any of their other plants. That way you can’t give your dog a chip with ID 12 when someone’s pet ferret already has that ID number.

Because of this, I got some presents for my cube for the next few weeks. A touch screen monitor like the ones in their plant, a RFID reader and a barcode reader. Not to mention a bunch of syringes with RFID chips to test with.

For those that know me, I’m not a fan of needles, so I freaked when I saw one of these bad boys staring at me:

Death Stick
Death Stick

They are absolutely huge, obviously we aren’t stabbing anybody with them, but if you catch me on a bad day I might make an exception and give you a jab.