Let's talk about some football

I’m listening to the Ada-Borup football team play their section championship game at the Alerus dome in Grand Forks.  I want to take a moment and give some recognition.  My brother Aaron just scored the first touch down of the game.

Every time I’m back in Ada and football comes up people talk about Aaron starting to follow in my footsteps.  I just wanted to say that Aaron’s not following in my footsteps.  He’s not following in my footsteps, he’s only in 10th grade, starts both sides and already better than I ever was.

I liked to play football, had some fun and that was it.  I was lucky enough to be part of a really good team, go to state and see some cool stuff.  Thought about playing in college, was on the team at MSUM, but quit before practice started my freshman year.  I had other stuff I wanted to do and football would get in the way.

However it ends, good job on this year, Aaron.  Keep working, you’ve got years to get even better. 

But keep this in mind, one-on-one, I could still take you any day.

Pumpkin Time

So, as you can tell by the new pictures it was pumpkin carving time in Golden Valley.  Not too much has happened since the last update.  Heather and I have been laying low and taking it easy.

The only really new exciting thing is that we’ve got the new Guitar Hero game with drums and singing and everything, it’s pretty fun.  Although, now I’ve almost got Heather to agree that we need a bigger TV. 

Other than that, getting ready for the Halloween weekend.  Should be a lot of fun.  Tim may come over and we’ll probably head to Valleyfair on Saturday for the last time of the year. 

Good News

So not a whole lot to report these days.  This weekend was busy.  We got to Ada Friday night in time to watch Aaron and the rest of the Cougars stomp on Ulen-Hitterdahl.  Saturday morning we were up and at the tae kwon do tournament in Fargo.  Heather did some competing and ended up picking up a couple medals.  We jetted out of there before two, spiffied up, and made it to the cities in time for a wedding dinner for a co-worker of mine.  It was a good night and a lot of fun watching the new couple cut it up on the dance floor.

In other news, Heather has accepted a job offer so now I will have the glee of waking her up in the early morning EVERY DAY.  MUAHAHA.  I’ll let her fill in more details if she ever feels like blogging again.  I keep giving her crap about it so you never know.

Also, you may have noticed that the blog is looking……well, plain.  I’m working on redesigning the site so it’ll slowly and surely start coming together over time.  Check out the home page at http://nicknheather.com/blog/