Exciting News!

I don’t have much time to write right now as I have to go back to work in a few minutes but thought I could write a few sentances. As many of you have already found out, we have the go-ahead for our new taekwondo gym!! The official opening is May 5 and we are already starting to establish the business and create wholesale accounts. Should be a wild ride going up to the opening. Gesh it is going to be a busy spring.

And yes Mom, I contacted the DJ but he has not returned my email yet.

A Real Update!

So it’s been quite some time since Heather or I have actually given anything good to read here.  Well, I figured I’d change that around a bit.

Things have been pretty hectic over the last couple months.  I’ve begun snowboarding and almost killed myself once.  We’ve been bouncing around a lot for the holidays over the last month and we are just now settling down and getting back into that “regular” groove. 

For New Year’s we went to a friends house and hung out.  He wanted me to bring my Wii, so I did.  I did not realize until we tried to hook it up halfway through the night that I was missing the video cord.  I called my mom and she shipped it off to me.  It came in the mail on Saturday so we at least had some Wii time this weekend. 

We drove down to watch Tim’s kids test in Elysian for Tae Kwon Do.  Heather and I were going to go snowboarding in Mankato, but when the test was done it had started to ice/rain.  We debated a bit and I put my foot down said we were starting home instead.  So we drove from Mankato to Golden Valley in the middle of an ice storm.  It was glorious.  Normally it would be an hour drive and it took us over two and a half hours.  I had to stop twice to scrape the ice off my windshield.  Every time there was another good quarter inch of ice built up.  It was ridiculous.  We made it home safe and I crashed on the couch.  Driving had wore me out.  After a bit we got bored, because it was still early so we went and rented a movie, Mamma Mia…Heather’s pick for those wondering. 

Today was a cleaning day, we got most everything squared away from the holidays.  This week we’ll continue to work on our Extravaganza for the 24th and Heather is also starting to get excited about my company’s holiday party, which is on the 17th. 

Hopefully, we keep updating more regularly again now that the site is a bit more servicable.

Happy New Year, all!