Busy, Busy, Busy

So I haven’t been updating, sorry about that.  Work has been very crazy over the last month.  We’ve even managed to get some stuff done for the wedding.  We’ve got the DJ booked.  We’re working on my personal favorite part, the cake selection.  It’s very tough and will require many more tastings.

I recently received our “Christmas” present from Magenic last week.  It’s a Kindle, basically, a handheld device for reading books.  Pretty nerdy, but you also have to remember the company I work for.

I’ve also been working on my cooking skills some more.  Although, I haven’t baked any pies in a while, this weekend I did make homemade tortilla chips.  Last night I made turkey burgers.  I even bought a couple cook books.

Heather’s prepping for a TKD tournament in April.  It’s the state qualifier and she’s planning on going to nationals this summer.

We’re also trying to work on getting our own TKD school off the ground, which starts May 5th.

Also: please note that today marks the fact that you only have 21 shopping days left until a certain special boy’s birthday.