Full Weekend

We had a busy weekend this time around.  After I wrapped up work on Friday we headed out to Hutchinson for the tournament Saturday.  We crashed at Timís place Friday night after meeting Master Roy & Teresa for supper. 

We got up early Saturday and headed to the tournament.  Started off with patterns, then it turns out there was nobody in my division for me to compete against.  So I got myself all worked up for nothing.  Oh well, maybe next time.  After refereeing and judging for a while they did the black belt breaking.  I ended up taking first in my division for that at least.  After that I ended up running a ring for the rest of the day.  It was a lot of fun, but really tiring. 

I had one little girl smoke a boy in the head a little too hard for the controlled contact rules.  I feel bad for penalizing a kid for kicking hard, but the rules are the rules.

After the tournament was wrapped up, we headed out for a quick bite and then there was a short team practice.

We went back to Timís and cleaned up a bit and headed over to the hotel where a lot of the people were staying.  I ended up tossing a couple of kids in the pool as a joke and it quickly turned into a full-out carnival ride and I had like 8 kids in a constant line waiting to be tossed.  I really should have been charging for it because I would have easily made over a $100. 

Sunday morning we got up again early for a black belt class.  It was a pretty easy day because everybody was so beat up.  We did some timing drills, worked on forms and I showed a couple of wrist locks to everyone.

We finally made it home today around 5 and immediately took a nap.  Got up a bit later and started the process of unpacking/cleaning/getting ready for the week.

In sadder news, though, after I got up from my nap I found that my beloved betta fish, Edward, had died.  He was looking pretty rough a couple weeks ago, but seemed to recover just fine, but I guess it just went south over the weekend.  Itís too bad because he really was entertaining to watch eat.  Still havenít decided if weíll get a new fish or not.  Weíll have to see.


Iíve been working through the program at HundredPushups.com over the last few weeks and thought Iíd share my results so far.  Iíve got one day left in Week 4.  Itís a 6 week total program and the results are astounding.  You do the pushups 3 days a week and the number increases each time. 

The first day of the program I did around 45 pushups broken up between 5 sets.  Last night I did 140 pushups broken up into 5 sets.  Hereís a chart of my progress so far.