A Jamaican Honeymoon – Day 4

Day 4

Today’s Weather: Partly Sunny and 88 degrees
Today’s Wedding Count: 1

…and now back to our regularly scheduled program.  It’s been a while since we last met up.  I need to keep cranking through these because as time goes by and I slip back into the cold, frozen, mindset of February in Minnesota it becomes harder and harder to recall the sun in my face, the surf on my feet, and the sand between my…well…sand just gets everywhere.

Today was a very low key day.  Although, I will say that we were really early risers for the most part while we were there.  Usually up between 7 am and 8 am.  Which to me is ungodly for a vacation.  So we grabbed some breakfast and Heather wanted to do a beach walk.  The resort owns a huge stretch of beach that they maintain, and most of the area outside the resort boundary is some type of nature reserve.  I’ll say this, when you are at a Sandals, they don’t really want you going anywhere else.  Probably a safety issue, but also nothing is as nice outside the resort.  Plus, if you have an itch to spend money, why not do it in our gift shop?  No need to even put down your drink.

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A Jamaican Honeymoon – Day 3

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Today’s Weather: Sunny and 90 degrees
Today’s Wedding Count: 1

Welcome back.  We were early risers again today, but alas, the breakfast in bed was a one day only deal.  So after I took my daily sunscreen bath we decided to try out the restaurant that had the breakfast buffet.  Each place had it’s own theme like Italian or Asian, but one place was the standard big restaurant and it served a breakfast and lunch buffet everyday.

We went and grabbed a spot to sit, one of the few times we actually ate indoors during the week.  As I made my way through the offerings, I noticed the beverage area.  If you know me I’m a sucker for orange juice and they had an entire spread of glasses for the taking.  Being the greedy, OJ loving, thirsty man that I am I grabbed a couple glasses and went to sit down and enjoy breakfast.

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A Jamaican Honeymoon – Day 2

Every night the house keeping staff drops off the schedule for the next day with all the different events or meals.  You’ll also notice it has a quick little blurb about the weather as well.  A quick note for our non-metric friends, 34 degrees Celsius equals about 93 degrees Fahrenheit.  Just awful, awful weather for the end of January.

Monday was a much quieter day than Sunday.  Travel was behind us and the vacation was now in full swing.  We actually got up at 7 or 7:30 in the morning.  It’s pretty easy to get up early when you pass out at 9 pm the previous night.  One thing that got left out of the previous update was the fact that when the champagne toast was delivered they also left a menu for breakfast in bed.  Before we went to bed the previous night we filled it out and left it on our door.  As we were getting ready for the day there was a knock on the door and they brought in our food.  We had breakfast on our balcony overlooking the ocean that morning.  I had an omelet and Heather had pancakes, but they goofed up and gave us two omelet meals and two pancake meals.  It was our first foray into the haze of food being thrown at us that would continue the rest of the week.

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A Jamaican Honeymoon – Travels & Day 1

So, there we were, date of our departure was fast approaching. Heather was already nervous because our flight had a short 45 minute layover in Atlanta. Our flight was scheduled to leave Minnesota at 7:45 am and our flight in Atlanta left at 12:10 pm. So not only did we have a tight layover, but ours was the last flight to Jamaica for the day. If anything went wrong we’d miss our connection end up stuck in Atlanta for a day.

With this in mind, Heather decided to get an earlier flight out but the price to change the tickets was insane so we decided to show up a couple hours before the earliest flight and try to get bumped up. The one catch is that the earliest flight was at 5:20. So, bleary-eyed, we got up at 2am and our friend Jordan picket us up at 3 and dropped us off at the airport at 3:30 am. Already a bad way to start your day.
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