A Jamaican Honeymoon – Day 6

Day 6

Today’s Weather: 96 degrees
Today’s Wedding Count: 1

Day 6.  Our last full day on the island. We pretty much had one strategy and one strategy only for today.  Relax and enjoy it as much as possible.  So this might be a bit of a boring update.  We spent a ton of time sitting by the pool, swimming, reading, napping, soaking up the sun.

Also visiting the café and eating tons of meringues Heather fell in love with meringues over the course of the week and ended up making some after we got home. They actually came out pretty well and I wonder if that’s what spurred her new found interest in all things baking/treat making. She has been on a tear recently whipping up all sorts of crazy stuff for Cayden’s baby shower, Aaron’s graduation and just to practice on.

But anyways, back to Jamaica, after soaking up as much relaxation and sun as physically possible we made our way to a nice spot on the beach to watch the sunset for the last night. We ended up taking about 800 pictures of the sunset because we just kept passing the camera back and forth and neither knew what we were taking pictures of. After sunset we got dressed up one more time for a nice supper at the Italian restaurant. The food was pretty good and Heather had the creme brulee for desert which she couldn’t get enough of. As we started back towards our room, we walked by a band playing music on the beach. We sat and listened for a bit and then I pulled Heather down by the water and we danced in the waves for about 15 minutes before going back and crashing one more time.

Thanks for your patience. Tune back soon for the tale’s thrilling conclusion to our heroes harrowing adventure. For next time will be the last installment in this series. We will finally find out the mystery behind the missing bags and know once and for all whether Heather is actually a foreign terrorist trying to sneak into the US.