A Jamaican Honeymoon – Day 7

Day 7

Today’s Weather: 93 degrees
Today’s Crepe/Pastry Count: 0 Sad smile

Welp.  This is it, the final day.  We made up for doing nothing yesterday by trying to cram in as much Jamaica as humanly possible before we had to leave at noon.

We went snorkeling one more time right away in the morning.  I think Heather was determined to see the entire Caribbean sea in one snorkeling session the way she was swimming around.  This time was a bit more fun than the first time now that we were more comfortable with it.  Plus, we got to see some interesting wildlife this time.  For one, the elusive white land whale made a surprise appearance.

We were sharing the majority of the snorkel boat with part of a wedding party and we were sitting waiting on the dock and for some reason they weren’t leaving.  Evidently, someone in the party wasn’t there yet and we were waiting for them.  That’s when a positively large woman came shambling down the dock carrying like two plates of food.  Evidently, snorkeling conflicted with a previous eating engagement she had scheduled.  Now, if you’ve been reading this blog at all, you’ve seen that there was no shortage of food at all in the resort.  You could basically eat all day long anything you wanted whenever you wanted.  It’s a damn surprise I managed to fit into the airplane on the way home.  But even though I shouldn’t probably mock anyone for their size or eating habits, even I can put down a chicken wing long enough to go snorkeling for 20-30 minutes.  She literally had to carry her food a couple hundred yards to the dock and sat there munching the the entire way.  I was entranced by watching her eat.  Everybody else was just kind of looking around making slight eye contact.  It’s like we were all in on some secret and she was the only one who didn’t know.   Completely oblivious. Like I said, snorkel trip lasts about 30 minutes max.  There is absolutely no reason she couldn’t have gone, came back and had some food, evidently she was going to starve to death if she didn’t eat all those pastries and bacon right NOW!

Ok, my ranting aside, we got out to the reef again and hopped overboard.  One of the guides was swimming around too and Heather and I followed along as he pointed out animals and stuff hiding under the reef.  At one point towards the end, he found a puffer fish and pulled it out of it’s little cave.  It immediately inflated to slightly smaller than a volleyball.  This is the one point of the trip I wish I had a waterproof camera.  Because the guide brought the puffer fish up and had Heather hold it.  Being completely fearless and or ignorant of the potential danger, she went right for it.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her at that point that puffer fish are some of the most poisonous animals in the world.  Needless to say, I passed on the opportunity at that point.  We finally had to wrap up and head back in to shore.

We had just enough time to clean up and change and go to the main lobby.  I didn’t even have time to sneak another crepe or muffin from the pastry place.  Our luggage was loaded up and back into the bus and it was off to the airport.  The ride was a lot nicer this time because it wasn’t pouring. You could actually see a bit more of the countryside.  Even though it’s over an hour drive from the airport to the resort, if the weather’s clear it’s really enjoyable.  Great views and scenery most of the way.  Halfway through the ride, our driver pulls off to some gas station and says he has to go to the bathroom and he’ll be right back.  Before he closes the door, he adds, “Uhh, stay where you are…”.  Makes you feel good.  I was convinced this was some sort of elaborate drug stop or the trip was about to turn into a real life version of the movie “Taken” but luckily, our driver made it back out, suspiciously high looking as ever and we continued on.

We arrived at the airport without further incident and immediately started playing the waiting game.  Line to line to line and we were finally in the terminal and waiting for our ride home.  Nothing really exciting this time, so the boredom made up for the anxiety of flying down there the first day.

When we finally landed in Atlanta we went to breeze through customs except for Heather, who was doing her best to get us flagged as terrorists and interrogated somewhere.  She wasn’t really paying attention to the questions the security agent was asking so she kept giving wrong answers and he started to get a little worked up.  I think at one point he even told her she needed to perk up and take this seriously.  That probably got her attention and from there it was just a couple quick questions and we were moving on.

We enjoyed the Atlanta airport for a couple hours and finally hopped on our flight home.  Landed in Minneapolis a couple hours later and as a great capstone to the trip it was at this point that we found out they screwed up everyone’s bags on the flight and they wouldn’t get in until like 4am.  Either they’d been put on the wrong plane or the plane was overweight (swear it wasn’t my crepes or muffins). So we just went home and crashed.

It was about 2:00 am by the time we got to bed.  We woke up sometime the next morning and went back to the airport to get our bag.  It was in by this time and that was pretty much the official end to the trip.

I hope you enjoyed the write-ups.  It was fun reliving the trip a little bit while writing them.  Hopefully this get’s me updating the blog more and more from now on so you can see all our delightful little adventures.  On the other hand I am writing this 6 months after our trip ended, so…

Until then…