Nicholas Lynn Olson
Born on March 25, 1984
Nick grew up in a sheltered life in the big city of Ada, Minnesota. He enjoyed declaring public paths through the trees as his own and became outraged when they were paved. Shooting guns was a favorite pastime of the youngster who later earned his eagle scout by raising money for a bullet proof vest for the local police dog, Mr. Gruff. Nick found love and refuge in the sacred art of tae kwon do, through which he would later meet his true love. Nick graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2006 with a bachelors degree in computer science. He is now a resident geek in Brooklyn Park, MN for RBA Consulting. Big Nick, as he is known by his close friends, continues to love tae kwon do and enjoys riding the Renegade.

Heather Rose Olson
Born on September 14, 1984
Heather grew up in Moorhead, Minnesota. Growing up, Heather was a cute little girl with a shovel who liked to mow the sidewalk with her dad. She was a superstar snowboarder in high school and still is pained by the thought that she cannot snowboard much anymore. She graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead with a bachelors degree in communication studies. Heather, or Slippery Pete as she is known by her closest confidants, works as an office manager for Calabrio. She still enjoys tae kwon do, she is a 2nd Degree black belt now, and teaching the youngsters. Heather also enjoys flatulence around Nick.

Nick and Heather met fall of 2004 in tae kwon do at MSUM. Heather was an annoying white belt and Nick was a red senior on a power trip. Heather tried to hit on Nick that fall but he wouldn’t have it. The tables turned the next year when it was discovered that Nick had the hots for Heather and she wanted nothing to do with him. Over the course of the fall semester, Nick wore down her defenses and they fell in love over hot chocolate at the Fry’n Pan and late night walks.

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  1. Hey Nick and Heather!! 🙂
    So Nick, I got your message the other day! I had been meaning to call or email you and kind of ask you if I was invited to the wedding or not. Glad you called though, cuz I was feeling a little weird about it. Not sure how to go about asking someone if you’re invited to their wedding without it being awkward when they say “uhhh no.” HAHA!!! 🙂 Anyway, I was also going to ask if Heather was gonna have a bridal shower in Ada and if so, when, but I just found out a couple days that it’s this Friday and I’ll be there!! 🙂 So anyway, just so you guys know, I AM planning to come to the wedding, but Riley won’t be able to make it up. But also, you do NOT have to put a meal in for me cuz as you know, I don’t eat either steak or chicken so I will just eat a good hearty meal before the wedding and a good piece of cake at the reception should be all I need to keep me fueled for the dance!!! 🙂 Also, Nick, what are you going to eat at the wedding?? Remember when we went to Dusty’s wedding and we had to go eat at the Fry’n Pan between the ceremony and the dance because you didn’t think you’d be able to eat anything at the reception!! HAHA!! 🙂 But first you got your front bumber riped off your car!! 🙂 Anyway, I’m not sure if this is where I was supposed to leave my RSVP information or not. My mom said I was supposed to do it online but not really WHERE online. So I just google searched your names together and this is what came up!! I think I probably should have just emailed Nick, but whatever, you’ll probably get this anyway. See you guys at the wedding!! 🙂 –Amanda

  2. Yup…that was definitely NOT the place to leave that…didn’t really think that it was going to be pasted for all to see!! Also I apparently use smiley faces WAYYY too much!! 🙁

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