Starting New Project

So work has been kinda boring for the last day and a half…

With no project to work on I just sit around get really, really bored.

Need to Train

Well, I moved to the cities over a month ago and I still haven’t found a place to work out.

New Project @ Work

I just rolled off my first project at my new job for Magenic. My first project was creating web forms for the clinical trials of heart assist devices. It was interesting and a good project to start with, but pretty straightforward.

This new project is another medical one but a bit more involved. It’s a project for a company to track all of their technicians work they do on their medical instruments around the world. It has the possibility of becoming an ongoing support contract for us. Also, because it is worldwide in scope, if the company does want a support contract once we’re finished there’s the possibility of doing 24/7 support because of the many time zones it will be used in. This means the company would pay us to timeshift, basically pay us extra money to work on their time schedule. So I’m guessing that since there are 3 developers from Minneapolis on this that we would have 3 – 8 hour shifts and we would rotate who takes what. But that’s a long way down the road…gotta start the project first…can’t wait ’til monday…

Hello world!

This is hopefully my first post of many on this blog. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up and keep all the people I know up to date on what I’m doing.