A weekend of State Champs

Turns out Ada made it to the MN State Girls Basketball Championships in Minneapolis so I hitched a ride with the Olson van to visit Nick and watch some basketball. We went to the semi-final game as the Target Center and watched the Cougars kick butt and move onto the finals the next day. That night when Nick got home we headed off to Forest Lake to weigh-in for the MN State TaeKwonDo Championships. When we got there I found out that I was two pounds over. Uh oh. My coach said no problem, just go find a sauna and sweat it out. One problem, no saunas in Forest Lake and I only had a two hour window to make weight. Then the fun began… Turns out someone nannied for a couple that had their own personal sauna. They were not home but, after contacted by phone, said it was okay for us to come over and use their sauna. So the girl who is the nanny brought us over there, turned on the sauna and had to leave to get to the referee meeting back at the gym. So here Nick and I are in an empty and strange home. Weird. So turns out we couldn’t get the sauna to get hot and after about 20 minutes of waiting, we decided to take another approach. We got back in the car and Nick cranked up the heat. Now this is something incredible in itself because Nick hates it when the car is hot but he was trying to help me. Pretty impressive. I had on my swimsuit, sweatpants, t-shirt, Nicks’ sweater, my winter jacket, and finally Nicks’ winter jacket. We made our way to the Junior High track and Nick helped me run. I had not had anything to eat or drink in over 24 hours so I was pretty drained. Nick ran ahead of me on the track trying to get me to go fast and push hard. What a guy huh, sits in a hot car and runs the track with me. He is pretty much the best boyfriend ever. We alternated between sitting in the car and running a lap. Pretty much the worst evening and I vowed to watch my weight well in advance of Nationals instead of decided to drop a weight class a week before. Eventually, I did make weight and we headed back to Golden Valley. We got back and I gave Carley her new bracelet and all the kids played Phase 10.

Saturday morning Nick and I left for the tournament and the Olson’s went to the championship game at the Target Center. The Cougars had a stellar performance and, as you probably already know, are the MN State Girls Basketball Champions. Way to go Cougars! Nick and I were both disappointed that we did not get to go. I won both of my events and even finished my sparring match in 14 seconds. Pretty cool. So that means that I am the MN State TaeKwonDo Champion. After heading to Dairy Queen after the tourney with Tim, Megan, James, Kristen, and Maddie, we left for home. The bed was calling and we crashed for a long nap.

Sunday we got up and went to Target. We picked up some groceries and storage tubs for Nick. I made caramel rolls when we got home for breakfast and later we made homemade pizza for lunch. I left with Maddie later that afternoon for Moorhead.