Fireworks and Roller Coasters!

What a weekend! Fun with friends that we don’t get to see much from Moorhead! But first, we must re-cap the exciting events of the week.

Tuesday we played Bingo in Brooklyn Park. It was a lot of fun and cheap entertainment at $5 for the entire night! Nice! To make it even better, I BINGOed! It was only for $10 at the concession area because other people won with me but it is still a win!

Thursday we went to The Paint Pot in Plymouth. It is just like Clay Your Way in Fargo. We both picked out items and Nick finished his that night. I, being the picky perfectionist, am still working on my project. I am going in to finish it tomorrow because it is supposed to be a rainy day. After we got home we decided it was time for some exercise. We checked the weather, so we didn’t run into another hail storm, and headed out on the bikes with a trip around Medicine Lake planned. Wow, didn’t realize it was a 12 mile trip! Nick and I both decided we did not like hills, at least the upside. Needless to say we were quite beat by the time we got home.

Saturday we woke up and did some cleaning before loading the bikes behind my car and heading off the Minnehaha Falls. It was a beautiful day and we biked around 5 miles and really took in the beauty. We saw the first lock and dam system on the Mississippi and watched a couple of boats go through. Pretty cool. The falls were gorgeous but we decided next time we were going to leave the bikes at home and hike around on foot to really go around the trails surrounding the river. There are a lot of trails along the river and even a small swimming area in the rapids! I can’t wait to go back! Oh yeah, how could I forget, we also biked over to a Dairy Queen that was nearby the park and I enjoyed a cone while Nick had a cherry slushy. We packed up the bikes again and headed for home to meet Tim at our apartment. We all watched a movie before going our seperate ways. Nick and I met Lindsay, Madi, and Rich at Maple Grove Days and walked around the blowup games. Madi, Rich and I even went on the bungee run and had a pretty good time. It was getting dark and there was fireworks on the agena so we walked over to the lake where they were going to be shot off at. Wow, awesome show! We were so close they practically filled the sky! The grand finale was so great Nick and I both commented that we could feel it pounding in our chests! Nice! After the show we met up with James and Sheena and headed over to Kyles place to sit on the deck before relocating to Perkins due to the rain. We made plans to meet for a fun filled Sunday afternoon at Valleyfair before saying our goodbyes and heading for home.

Sunday was awesome! Nick and I went to Valleyfair with James, Sheena, Lindsay and Rich. The lines were really short so we got the most out of the day! Right before we left I remembered that Rip Cord was having a sale for $10 a person to ride. I convinced James to go and we headed off to sign up to fly! Right when we were getting ready to be fitted for the harnesses, Rich decided he wanted to go to so he got in with us. I wish someone would have had a camera to capture the event but it was great! I got to pull the cord and wow! After the events we were all pretty tired so James and Sheena dropped us off and they headed to Sheenas place to take a nap before they came over later that night to watch a movie.

All in all a pretty great weekend. This week I am trying to be patient in waiting for the call-back from GfK. Please cross your fingers! We are heading home this weekend for the summer Extravaganza and to possibly see my Dad at Pelican. We also may be picking up a hitchhiker for the way home and if we do, it will be nice company! That’s all for now!

Thirsty Thursday and Easter weekend

My leadership seminar class partnered with an event on campus called: Thirsty Thursday. We helped in different leadership roles such as advertising, purchase orders, securing door prizes, and creating a raffle. The event went off well and a fun time was had by all. It started at 7:30 and went until almost midnight. There was root-beer floats, root-beer pong, condom poker, and a couple of movies. It went so well we ran out of root-beer and ice-cream before the actual scheduled ending time.

We got a surprise drop of snow on Thursday night so it made travel a little treacherous. I left for the cities a little before noon on Friday and took my time getting there. The roads were a little iffy and I even stopped once when I saw an SUV on its side in the ditch. I ran down like a Baywatch champ but the girl had been wearing her seat belt and was sitting in her car talking on her cell phone to her Dad. So I left and continued on. When I got to Nicks, we immediately turned around and left for Ada. Uhhh my ass was sore from sitting in the car for so long. We met his family at his Grandpa’s house outside of Borup before moving on to Ada. Saturday we celebrated with Nicks’ family. We headed to the Deco to play some ping pong, took a nap, then headed for his Grandpa’s house again. We had some pretty good food, although I am still not sure about this so called “glorified rice” dish. The glory still alludes me. We left that night with the destination being my cousin’s house in Sartell (St. Cloud). The roads were kind of bad so we decided to spend the night in Moorhead. On the way to town, we stopped by the Gilbertson’s to see the new puppies. There are 10 of them and they are really cute, aside from all their pooping and peeing.

We left a little before 9 on clear roads on Sunday morning and got to Sartell when everyone was just getting back to the house after church. My Grandma had made dough nuts so we had a little breakfast before being beat by my little cousins in Disney Scene It, although let it be known that they cheat and they have played so many times they know all the answers. They were pretty impressed that we knew our Disney facts though. We had lunch and then the old people left to go shopping. The kids stayed back and went on a giant egg hunt. We made egg teams, Ashley and I versus Emily and Nick, and took turns hiding all 120 plastic eggs. Emily and Nick do not know how to hide eggs very well and placed some of them in the middle of the floor but they claim that “it was hard to find so many hiding places.” Sounds like a cop-out to me. Ashley and I were so good that they couldn’t find them all. My Uncle owns a bike shop so we went and bought two new bikes at a pretty good deal. We both had been wanting some new, quality bikes for a couple of years and are now looking forward to exploring the Minneapolis bike trails this summer. To the beach! We also found a “Caramel Roll Run” where you ride your bike for the day and at various stops there are caramel rolls. Nick is sold on this idea and would like to go. Sounds like fun so maybe we will. We got home and met Brouse and Marisa for a movie at the apartment.

Today is a lazy day for me. I have some homework to do but I don’t know if I will get around to doing it. I have been cleaning a little after the remodeling that was done to the apartment last week. Adding my dishes and putting away everything that had to be moved. Not sure what we will do tonight but I have to go home tomorrow afternoon.

Also, tomorrow is Nicks 24th birthday!