It wasn't open…

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE COMMENTS! It makes me want to keep writing! Today Nick finally got the photo book that I got him with all the pictures he took at the Star Wars exhibit at the Science Museum. He really liked it! 🙂 After he drooled over the pictures, we had a little supper and then headed to TKD. It was fun and I realized that I don’t like sparring Nick because he is way too tall so I can’t get in close and when I do, he punches the crap outta me. He also came to the decision that he doesn’t like sparring me because I don’t try. Oh well. We both got some nice head kicks in on other opponents and then it was time to leave. We headed home and stopped at the Hostess outlet store to pick up some cupcakes…but they were out! So, we picked up some light twinkies and big cupcakes, both 2 points. When we got home, Nick had to pick up a book from the library and I had to drop one off so I came out with the great idea of running to the library. So we laced up the Nike’s and headed out, after all, why not get a little conditioning in with this little errand. When we were just about there I said to Nick, “Wouldn’t it suck if they were not open.” He did not think so and guess what…it was closed! Oh fun fun. I turned in my book and Nick beat me senseless. Well, not quite but he said he would never go anywhere with me again until he checked the hours of operation. Gesh, give me a break! Another day down, 57 more to go!

One day down, 58 more to go…

Nick and I started training today for our test. We are starting slow so not to kill ourselves on the first day. We did a walk/jog to the Brookfield park to work on patterns. The tennis courts were full so we made our way to a cleared area of land. 20 push-ups started the workout and then we both did Koreo two times while the other critiqued. After that, we learned two tae guk patterns; tae guk patterns are a different set of patterns just like palgwe’s. Yeah… hard to explain but just think of a different pattern that you saw us do at each of our color belt tests. We will learn 4 for our test, I think. So, in essence, we will learn the patterns for orange, yellow, green, and blue belt ranks. After we finished repeating the patterns about 5 times each, we ended the workout with 10 more push-ups. When we got back to the apartment we started making supper. I handled the buttered noodles and corn on the cob while Nick took care of the chicken breasts that I took out of the freezer that afternoon. Pretty good meal! We were like real little adults! We have really been watching our points with the help of a new white-board that we got for the kitchen. The board is divided into 7 parts for each day of the week. Everytime that we eat something, we add the item and the point amount to the board. That way, we know what we are eating and can help each other out. Also, it is a nice reminder that all your points add up! Well, thats about all for now.

Someone stop the beeping!

First, before we get to anything, thank you mom for commenting! This weekend was fun and went by way too fast! I got to see Eric, a little guy I used to teach in TKD, and his family when they came down Friday to visit their great aunt for the weekend. It was a lot of fun to see him and we went swimming for the afternoon. It was awesome to see him and I had a lot of fun. After I left I headed to pick up Heidi so we could all take off. We got home late due to a late start. We dropped Heidi off and headed to my parents. They were out on the patio around the old grill that was in the back and was now a fire pit. We sat out with them and roasted some mallows. Nice night and it was good to visit. Saturday we headed over to MSUM to watch the extravaganza. Tim and Megan tested along with James. Pretty entertaining. Everyone was taken by suprise when Master Roy said he sould be testing for his 7th Dan this year! AWESOME!! After we left we headed back to my house to give my car a full vacuum and wash, ahhh a clean car! We then headed over to Lindenwood for the picnic and I was mobbed by little kids with squirt guns! The picnic was good and Master Roy even showed up. Nick talked with him about re-doing the Northwest website and we both talked to him about testing to 2nd degree this winter. Turns out, there is going to be another master test this fall so he wants to add some other tests along with it. So Nick and I will be testing for 2nd Dan on September 19th! Wow, not very far away, its going to be a tough next couple of months! We are both excited and nervous! We headed home and had another mallow roasting time around the fire pit. Sunday we headed to DL to hang out with the Olson’s. Carley finally got her birthday present and we got to watch the Water Carnival parade. I forgot how long of a parade it is! We got some good candy with the help of KK, Nick’s cousins 9 year old daughter. Nick’s grandparents wanted to check out the condo’s that my grandma is in so we headed over to view the open condo. After that, we walked back to the campground and had a good supper before heading home and dropping off Heidi.

Monday was pretty uneventful. This morning I must have been really tired because I normally wake up by 9 and I just couldn’t get up. I pushed snooze a couple of time and then fell asleep hardcore! I had a dream that we went to a resturant and I wanted a kids meal because I don’t like the big portions but they would not give me one. I got a beeper of a toy for some reason and it would not stop going off. I broke it open and ripped out the battery and it still would not cease! It was driving me insane and other people had them too! So, in case you haven’t pieced it together yet, the beeping with the alarm. I woke up after the beeping stopped and the alarm had stopped because it had been going off for an hour. Opps, guess I needed the rest. That’s all for now.

A weekend of State Champs

Turns out Ada made it to the MN State Girls Basketball Championships in Minneapolis so I hitched a ride with the Olson van to visit Nick and watch some basketball. We went to the semi-final game as the Target Center and watched the Cougars kick butt and move onto the finals the next day. That night when Nick got home we headed off to Forest Lake to weigh-in for the MN State TaeKwonDo Championships. When we got there I found out that I was two pounds over. Uh oh. My coach said no problem, just go find a sauna and sweat it out. One problem, no saunas in Forest Lake and I only had a two hour window to make weight. Then the fun began… Turns out someone nannied for a couple that had their own personal sauna. They were not home but, after contacted by phone, said it was okay for us to come over and use their sauna. So the girl who is the nanny brought us over there, turned on the sauna and had to leave to get to the referee meeting back at the gym. So here Nick and I are in an empty and strange home. Weird. So turns out we couldn’t get the sauna to get hot and after about 20 minutes of waiting, we decided to take another approach. We got back in the car and Nick cranked up the heat. Now this is something incredible in itself because Nick hates it when the car is hot but he was trying to help me. Pretty impressive. I had on my swimsuit, sweatpants, t-shirt, Nicks’ sweater, my winter jacket, and finally Nicks’ winter jacket. We made our way to the Junior High track and Nick helped me run. I had not had anything to eat or drink in over 24 hours so I was pretty drained. Nick ran ahead of me on the track trying to get me to go fast and push hard. What a guy huh, sits in a hot car and runs the track with me. He is pretty much the best boyfriend ever. We alternated between sitting in the car and running a lap. Pretty much the worst evening and I vowed to watch my weight well in advance of Nationals instead of decided to drop a weight class a week before. Eventually, I did make weight and we headed back to Golden Valley. We got back and I gave Carley her new bracelet and all the kids played Phase 10.

Saturday morning Nick and I left for the tournament and the Olson’s went to the championship game at the Target Center. The Cougars had a stellar performance and, as you probably already know, are the MN State Girls Basketball Champions. Way to go Cougars! Nick and I were both disappointed that we did not get to go. I won both of my events and even finished my sparring match in 14 seconds. Pretty cool. So that means that I am the MN State TaeKwonDo Champion. After heading to Dairy Queen after the tourney with Tim, Megan, James, Kristen, and Maddie, we left for home. The bed was calling and we crashed for a long nap.

Sunday we got up and went to Target. We picked up some groceries and storage tubs for Nick. I made caramel rolls when we got home for breakfast and later we made homemade pizza for lunch. I left with Maddie later that afternoon for Moorhead.

There is nothing we can do…

First gotta get this out cause I am bitter about it. On Thursday night we had a test for TKD. The last part of the test was breaking and the break was a 540 backspin. Difficult break but most had already broken it, even the small guys. I was given a board and held it for what has always been a practice or set up. Before you go for real, you yell to alert your holder that this is a try and to hold the board securely. I was holding loose so my arms did not get tired and all of the sudden, a jr. black belt no less, comes flying around and misses the board but got my right hand. I was a little shocked and taken aback because there was no yell. I held the board again, this time he yelled, and he broke it the second time. When I gave the board back I noticed my hand was throbbing. I looked down and saw that my pinky was twisted at an interesting angle. I tried to choke back my tears until the test was over and we bowed out. After, I grabbed my stuff and headed for the door. My parents took me to Innovis and they discovered that the joint was fractured and referred me to a specialist. Today, I went to see him. He told me that, “there was nothing we can do.” Apparently, my finger will now always be twisted. Yeah. A little pissed and very upset. Here is a picture of what it looks like:


Now that I have covered that, this last weekend was a generally good time; other than my splinted finger. I got to the cities late afternoon and we went to the grocery store and tested out the Red Box. Not bad, a movie for $1 a night. We went to bed early after playing some Mario.

Saturday we woke up early and went with Tim to help him teach TKD. What we expected was going to be a quick morning with one class turned out to be 4 hours. Little did we know he had split the one class into four: little ninjas, youth beginner, youth advanced, and a sparring sport class. It was a pretty good time and the ninjas are adorable. Later, we went to Albertville and Tim and I got new shoes. Then, as customary, we hit up Old Country Buffet. Good times. It was pretty good and the area director was there and he remembered me from stories my dad has told him. He is a really nice guy so it was enjoyable. Tim left and Nick and I just relaxed before going to bed.

Sunday was a lounge day. We hit up the MOA for a t-shirt I had been meaning to get then I left. Oh yeah, my mom and I are addicted to Hostess 100 Calorie Cakes and they do not sell them in Fargo-Moorhead. Every time I go to the cities, I bring back multiple boxes. Recently, it was discovered that they also make muffins. Sure enough we discovered them at Cub. Nick is happy because he feels like he has muffin power and my mom has to go through him. Ha! So other than a muffin-power boyfriend, the weekend was pretty laid back. Not always a bad thing.

This is the week before spring break so school is a little hectic. I just finished a mid-term and have another one tomorrow. On Thursday I have an 8 page paper due, which I just found out about on Monday, and I have to make a presentation in my other class. Ick. This weekend is the Northwest TKD tournament in Alex. Obviously I will not be competing in sparring anymore. Kinda bummed about that. Baby Addison is also coming to town so we are meeting up with her at Champs on Sunday! On Monday I have an informational interview with the recruiting manager at Magenic and then early Tuesday morning I leave for Arizona! Busy next couple of days!

Mount me Megan!

This weekend Nick came to town and we exchanged Valentines gifts. I like celebrating after the day because everything is half price! Yay! Nick got to town and we didn’t do much that night.

Saturday was a busy busy day. We woke up early to make it to team practice at 10. We worked out, did drills and sparred until 1. It was Nick’s first time sparring since he was a red senior and he had his way with people in the ring. Master Roy spilled his punching secrets to his competitors but he still laid em out. It was pretty entertaining to watch! I got up close with the pop kick and enjoyed hitting people in the head. After class, all bruised and tired, we met Tim, Megan, Anthony and Emily at Subway for a quick bite to eat. Black belt class started at 2 and we were all still worn out from team practice. We learned a new technique and it was pretty neat. Then Nick taught a little ground-work self-defense. Master Roy sprung him on it before we left to eat at 1 so he came up with something fast and delivered quite well. Megan and I got up close and personal mounting each other… Mounting is when you get on top of someone and try to have your way with them. We learned how to defend yourself if someone were to be on top of you, in the mount position, and trying to hurt you. Good information but luckily I’m so good I never get mounted… It was a good time and I actually learned some things. Lastly, we were given the choice of whether or not to spar with swords. Most of us opted to watch and I became the official timer. I handed the stop-watch off to Emily after I got bored, which didn’t take very long. We left the gym around 5 and returned home to take a shower and relax before hitting up Texas Roadhouse for some deliciously wonderful ribs and cinnamon bread. Yum! After we got home we were both pretty tired so we watched some TV and crashed.

Sunday we work up late and Nick got on the road early to beat some weather. Since then, I have been balancing my time between Mario and homework.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. My Dad couldn’t make our annual spring break ski trip so I made other plans. Originally, I was just going to spend the week in Golden Valley lounging around Nicks’ apartment but an idea popped into my head. I called up my Grandparents and the next day I booked a plane ticket. I am headed to warmth and sunshine for spring break! I leave Tuesday, March 4th for Phoenix and come back that Friday. Oh joyus sunshine. Relaxing by the pool with a good book will be my objective and spending some quality time with my Grandparents. When I was in high school, my brother and I went to Arizona during one Easter break. We saw the sights and went to the horse races and I had a blast. So, my Grandpa wants to take me again! Yay for trumpets!

Thats all for now…just looking forward to another weekend with Nick…

Heathers superb cup stacking skillz have improved! Her times as of the present hour are:

  • 3-3-3: 3.69
  • 3-6-3: 5.10
  • Cycle: 16.51

And the winner is…….

…..not Nick 🙁

So we had the old company party this weekend and it was a good time. First off Heather arrived Thursday night because she did not have school on Friday. I was out in Hutchinson at Tim’s gym Thursday night teaching jujitsu. I got back an hour or so before she did and it was just enough time to pick up quick before she got here.

Friday I worked and Heather slept. I came home to find her playing Mario over lunch. After I finished up work we went grocery shopping because I hadn’t been to the store in about a month.

Saturday was a busy day. We started out by driving to Cokato for Black belt class. It was pretty nice having Black Belt class less than an hour away. So we kicked around for a little but we couldn’t stay for the whole day because we had to come back and get ready for the big ball. It was time for Magenic’s holiday party and it was a blast.

It started out with some free valet parking and we got in the door there was an a capella singing group in the lobby. We wondered our way to the bathrooms by mistake but quickly made our way back to the main room. There was an open bar so I got all the free pop and Heather worked through about a dozen Shirley Temples. We started putting our tickets in for the prizes we wanted to win before the dinner. The food was great and because I can’t remember it all, here was the menu:

    • Roasted Crimini Mushrooms
      • stuffed with four cheeses, spinach, and roasted red pepper
    • Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus
      • with lemon mascarpone filling
    • Thai Chicken Skewers
      • with a rice vinegar glaze
    • Artichoke Ramekin
      • the world-famous manna with garlic toasts
    • Chicken & Vegetable Pan-Seared Potstickers
      • with soy dipping sauce
    • Ciabatta Bruschetta
      • on house-made bread with fresh mozzarella, yellow tomatoes,red peppers, and fresh basil with a balsamic drizzle
    • Salade Sauvage
      • field greens in a light vinaigrette with crumbled bleu cheese, fresh pear, candied walnuts, and raisins
    • Caesar Salad
      • hearts of romaine, house-made croutons, and shaved parmesan in a garlic and egg dressing
    • Roast Beef Carving Station
      • with au jus and sauce barnaise
    • Chicken Marsala
      • with roasted garlic orzo and green beans in a crimini mushroom and madiera demi-glace
    • Sauted Salmon
      • with a parmesean and fine herb crust in a cherry tomato hollandaise
    • Mashed Potato Bar
      • with various additions including cheese, chives, bacon, butter, and sour cream
    • Roasted Chicken and Smoked Mozzarella Ravioli
      • in a Napolitana sauce of crushed tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, and olive oil
    • Cheese Tortelini
      • in a robust red sauce with mild Italian sausage
    • Mushroom Penne
      • in a gorgonzola cream sauce with toasted pine nuts and raisins
    • a chef’s selection of various tartlets and other surprises

So good stuff all around, neither Heather or I won anything in the early drawings but we were soon lost in the blackjacks tables. It was pretty fun, not serious gambling, just playing some cards.

After the cards, at the end of the night, we exchanged in our chips for some more tickets and dumped them in the prizes we wanted to win. I am getting tired of typing so I’ll leave it up to Heather to list some of the prizes and I came up with squat while Heather won a $100 gift card.

Tim came over Sunday and we all relaxed and took it easy. Heather and I cooked a pizza for lunch and Tim came over in the afternoon. It was a pretty dang good weekend, all in all.

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Induction ceremony and black belt weekend extrodinare.

First, let’s rewind to last week. I started finals and well, that is wonderful… On a bright side, I was inducted into Lambda Pi Eta (or as Curt would say, Lefse Pi Uff Da) honor society on Thursday. It was a fun time had by all and my mom was sure to take lots of pictures to embarrass me, under the guise of pictures for Nick. The Mayor and First Lady even came and shared in the celebration. I got a lapel pin and a certificate and will get cords for graduation when I come back next spring. Here are the pictures from the ceremony:{wp-gallery-remote: gallery=0; rootalbum=271; showalbumtitle=true; showimagesheader=true;}

This weekend, oh I can still remember the pain. Before Nick got to town on Friday, I went with James and Kristen to a comedy show at MSUM. It was really good and ended with a guy, I actually played softball with him this summer, barring all! Yeah, completely. I guess the sign that warned “ADULT COMEDY IN TONIGHTS SHOW” really was there for a reason. Nick arrived in town slightly after, guided by GPS. We met Brouse and Marisa for some hot cocoa at Village Inn and some pleasant conversation.

Saturday was the big black belt winter test. Nick and I went to watch and assist in holding, obviously Nick held for board breaks and I held for hand techniques, a dummy in the four people the youth had to run jump side kick over, and some random board breaks. Fun was had by all until black belt class after the test. Ouch. That pretty much says it all. It is always fun to see Master Roy pound on people and it was no different on Saturday. The new black belt techniques that we are doing must be thought of for the entire idea of pain. You have to hurt your partner to do it right. Whether that be jump back kicks, jump knees or roundhouses to the back of the thigh. I got a couple of jump back kicks to my sternum and I am still very sore and tender from that. Nick had a grand old time kicking people hard and making them double over. After, we went home to take a shower and then went out for Chinese. We did a little Christmas shopping before meeting Tim, Megan, Kendra and Jeremy for some hot bowling action. After they kicked us out for being completely awesome, we moved the party over to the union for some sweat pouring ping pong action. It was intense. On our way home, Nick and I saw a deer. I turned the car around and began stalking them. Nick made deer noises and they didn’t move much. Once they got a look at his face though, I’ve never seen anything move so fast!

Sunday was lazy and we didn’t do much. Nick packed up and came to the library with me where I was meeting my group for my last final. Tim picked him up from there and they stopped by Dans’ house. Ethan was helping put up the tree and asked if the wonderfully awesome Heather was there when he saw Nick. Well, I shattered his dreams when he found out that I was not. I’m sorry E! The posse then headed off into the sunshine.