I had to go up to get the full court shot

We had a pretty good weekend this time around. Heather got in Friday evening with our new bikes. We met at the jewelry store we finally picked out her engagement ring. She was pretty excited and I’m sure she’s going to enjoy showing it to everyone. It sounded like everybody wanted to see it last week, but we didn’t have it yet. We’ve started to talk about the wedding a bit regarding date ranges and ideas. It’s all still exciting so far and she’s pretty pumped. People are flying questions at us and we have no answer for any of them yet, so that’s pretty stressful.

Friday night we took it easy at the apartment, Saturday Heather woke me up at like 8:45 am. I couldn’t get back to sleep. Saturday we took it easy and went grocery shopping. Then we took a spin on our new bikes before Tim and Dan stopped by and hung out for a little bit. It was pretty fun. We watched Borat for a bit before they had to take off. Saturday night Amanda got back from Iraq so we drove out to Woodbury and welcomed her back. She is around for a couple weeks before she has to ship back again. We ate supper with her and her family. It sounds like she’s done for good (hopefully) in July or August.

Sunday we got up and relaxed some more. Sunday afternoon we went to the Timberwolves game. I picked up a couple of awesome tickets from work. They were at half court and 15 rows up. When we picked them up we couldn’t help but notice that they were $125 a ticket. I’ve never really went into the arena and had to walk DOWN to my seat. They even had waitresses that came down row by row and would take your order for food and bring it back to you. Pretty sweet, but I can still get my own hot dogs and pretzels thank you very much. The Timberwolves even won. It was a close game throughout and I picked up some pretty sweet videos and pictures. I should have been a sports photographer. I’m running out of things to chat about for now. Here are the pics for your viewing pleasure.

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Why would they put that there?

So yesterday we got up and lounged around for a while until Tim got here and we went to the ski hill. We got to Buck Hill around 6:30 and I picked up my boots and skis while they grabbed their lift tickets and we hit the slopes. I skipped right on past the bunny hill, I’d done this before.

We went down the easy run a few times and I was really starting to get the cut of things. Although we all felt really out of place because it was mostly overrun with 12 year olds. But who cares, we were having fun. After a few runs down the easy slope we went in to warm up for a few minutes. After some much needed warmth, we went back out and jumped directly onto a black diamond run. I started out fine, going slow and not getting crazy. Then a dumb snowboarder got in my way while I was curving back and forth. Somehow this put me on a straight course right for the bottom. I picked up way too much speed and ended up coming over the last hill before the bottom. The dropoff after that hill was a little too steep and I felt my upper body tilt forward. I tumbled head over heels and just remember a cloud of snow all around me. I got back on the horse but told Heather I didn’t want to stay on the big people hill anymore.

So we downgraded to a blue square run. Took it just fine my first time and it was pretty fun to go down a bigger hill. Went back up the lift and started coming down again. Made it all the way down just fine, but somehow forgot to start slowing down. It was about that time I noticed a nice looking fence coming up. I can’t remember the exact moment I was doomed, but I do distinctly remember thinking, “I’m gonna hit this fence”. So there I was crashing into a fence at full speed. I remember hitting, and I remember looking up at the sky. I had busted through the fence. I ended up actually being perfectly fine, but all the little kids thought it was pretty cool.

At this point I thought I’d better stick to the easy run for the rest of the night. So I stayed there and even went around a tree while Heather watched and I even jumped a little. It was a pretty fun night and the hot tub back in my apartment made it all worth it. Tim ended up staying over because it was so late and he was so tired. He took off early this morning and Heather and I lounged around for a while, baked some cookies and finally packed up and Heather headed out. So I’ve been relaxing ever since and trying not too move to much from being so tired and sore from our adventures yesterday.

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